So recently I bought a game called Little Inferno. Many of you might have heard of it, it's a little game where you well, burn stuff. I found great interest in the game just because I enjoyed burning things. I was playing on and just doing the normal storyline and randomly fucking around. I got the letters from Sugar Plum, which I think that was her name besides that everything was going perfectly. So I bought the Wandering Eye, or Camera and I noticed that the eye followed my cursor. I played around with it for a bit and just decided to burn it because I had a combo ready for it.

I don't remember the combo but when I burned both of the items I panicked and tried to burn them both quickly. I don't know why but I wanted to, when the camera caught flame it made a dinging sound and took a picture. The picture had time to develop and I began to see what looked like a desk in it and a hand... a human hand, my hand. I thought this was some sort of weird glitch and looked it up, nobody else had the problem. So I checked to see if my webcam was hooked up sure enough it was, but not in the same angle as the picture. This made me slightly paranoid, so I kept playing and I got the normal letters from Sugar Plum, skipping through them because I don't care about the storyline just the gameplay. 

I burn most of the things on all the catalogs but came upon one of the items I guess I missed. It was called, "Letter from Sugar Plum" it only costs 10 coin so I bought it and waited 20 seconds for shipping. When it was done I dragged it into the fireplace and it looked like the read letter from any of the letters you read. Of course all of the letters are burnable. So I started to bring the flame to it and it caught quickly.

It burned normally, I wondered why this would be in the catalog. Once it was all dust I smashed it up with a brick I had in the fireplace. Then something odd happened I saw a pair of feet dangling from the opening of the fireplace. And it slowly lowered to reveal a pair of legs, then a torso of a girl. I knew it was a girl because she was wearing a skirt. Then a head, it was Sugar plums head with a neuse around her neck. On the rope just above her head there was a note. A note saying:


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