Day 14

It's been 14 days since the invasion, I'm all alone in this lonely, lonely, house. Only one light source that can hope. It's all I have, I'm too scared of the outside world...just in the house I am safe.

Day 16

I finally have enough courage to take a peek outside, it's so peaceful...a few cows in the distance. I can't do anymore... not after what happened. I think I'm going take a long, lonely, sleep.

Day 24

The trees have a smooth texture to it, they were weak as well. This swamp is so lonely. It feels good to take a step outside... but I don't feel happy. It's starting to get dark. I should head back to my lonely home.

Day 25 

I heard a noise last night. I think it was just an animal searching for a less lonely place.

Day 27 

I don't want to go outside... it's raining. The monsters...those aliens are roaming freely, no worry in the world. I feel so lonely...

Day 29

I went outside. I saw a volcano, lots of cats and cows, and a lonely cave. I walked closer into the cave, but I feel a strong force push me, I passed out...waking up I looked up. It was dark outside, I ran to the lonely place I call home...m...

Day 36

I can't take another risk, not like this, there has to be meaning to this life. there just has to be...mi...

Day 39

I walked outside again today, I saw a friendly spider in the forest, a nice wolf. It almost makes you forget the loneliness of this world...min...

Day 40

I went back to the location of the wolf, I found a bone lying on the ground as the morning sun preached the ground with its warming light, it was an overwhelming light. I ran to a tree to get shade, I saw the wolf once again...I gave him a bone but he just walked away, continuing with is non-lonely life, as I live a lonely, lonely...enim...

Day 46

I was running through the night, I don't know what got into me, something fast was chasing me and it was mad. I ran and ran and ran. The monster...alien was gone. I found refuge in a village, it was abandoned, just an add-on to the loneliness...cnime...

Day 56 

I now have a nice farm, pigs, cows, and chickens now produce food for me to eat, I now have a source for resources, such a happy life, Right?...rmicen...

Day 67

I can hear the bangs of the monsters hitting my door, they hit the other doors as well as if it had no meaning, it was a sport to them. I hear the cries of all my friends, they blew up my house!...amnecri

Day 68 

I didn't think the monsters would scoop so low, but hey, they're just aliens, right? All I have is a rock to hide under, no light, no food, no resources...crmifenat...

Day 70

Its over, I'm so hungry...I feel a sharp pain every second, I'm dying...I'll die all alone right? Just a lonely life I call Minecraft.......

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