Luna's Game is a game created by a user called chibi-luna6x3 on deviantart. It currently has 4 games in the
File:Luna Game net image 1585.png
series, however the titles are only "Luna".

The game has become quite popular, though not a lot. Some people refer to it also as Luna Game, after a series that came before it.

The "Luna's Game" series is a lot like the original Luna Game series and may have the same idea.


The first game in the series is only called "Luna."

File:Luna Game (Flash Version)

You start off playing as luna on a sloppy brown and green platform with a solid purple background. You need to use the arrow keys to move Luna. After a while of playing, a creepy image of Twilight Sparkle pops out, creepy noises playing in the background instead of the music that was there at the beginning.

Luna 2Edit

Luna 2 is the second game in the series, you start out the same as in Luna, but with some slight modifications.

File:Luna Game 2 (Flash Version)

You go forward, until the screen goes black. You then appear after a few seconds in a dark, creepy-looking place. It is black and green, a few people complain about falling and dying during this time. After you get to a point, you mysteriously die anyway, and that is it.

Luna 3Edit

Luna 3 starts off as same as "Luna", too. 

File:Luna Game 3 (Flash Version)

After you get to a point, static goes on the screen, and you are transported to another creepy-looking place. When you can see, there is a zalgofied Pinkie Pie ahead of you and distorted speech of Pinkie Pie saying, "Come out..Pinkie Promise."

You then run into her, and you get a "game over" screen.

Luna 4Edit

This is the last game in the series, you start out much like Luna once again, but 
File:Luna Game 4 (Flash Version)
when you get to a point, you jump off, and text starts slowly typing on the screen. After it finishes, a screamer pops up saying "I'm right behind you" in bloody red letters.

At last, a series of fast dark images pop up and then the game ends.

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