Some of you may remember a theory where the Mane 6 were actually girls who died in horrific accidents. Well, this is the story of Spike. Too horrifying to be published in the original theory.

Spike was the result of a rape. His mother did not want him. But his father did. His father was a meth dealer who made millions in the illegal meth industry. At 13 he dyed his hair green. And was making and consuming meth. By the time he was 20 his father died of a meth overdose. So he took over the laboratory, his habits for consuming meth increased. And gradually his greed inhibitions faded. So he started stealing items and stashing them in the lab. He also took steroids every time he stole an item or made one batch of meth. This is because he has a mental disorder which makes him take steroids every time he steals or makes meth. Eventually. He stole meth from another dealer and got into a massive gunfight. Spike died on the scene.

The original article said that Cynthia Little (Twilight's Inspiration) killed herself. But in fact. After the incident. She ran away from home and put a suicide note on her bed. So her parents believed she killed herself. She decided to become Spike's partner. And researched in the lab and shared Spike's money.  Eventually though. After hearing about the gunfight. She decided to get a gun and kill herself.

Lauren Faust only heard of this once an article about the truth leaked on the internet. She decided to make an episode about Spike's greed inhibitions. This is the reason why Spike eats Rocks and Crystals. Because they are just like meth.

In the end, Spike got his wish in Equestria.

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