It was a sunny day and a friend of mine decided to invite me to his house. Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to go. When I got there, he was playing Megaman Battle Network 3 White on his Nintendo DS Lite. “I can’t beat this boss!” says my friend with great frustration. Having already beaten the game, I decided to take a try at it.

When he gave the DS to me, I noticed he was at the end of the Secret Area 3. I didn’t bother checking the chips because I wanted a challenge for this fight. I started the cut scene and then skip to the fight. He had some strong chips, so I couldn’t understand why he was having a hard time. I beat the boss easily and my friend was impressed. “You made that boss look so easy. I guess I’m very bad at this game, so I give up. You can have it.”

After neglecting wanting to take this game, I was pretty much forced into it. When I went home later that afternoon, I decided to play it again since I had such a nostalgia rush from beating the boss and I finally could get 100 percent completion.

I loaded the game from saving in the hotel from the second scenario from the storyline after beating the boss on my DS Lite. I paused to check how many bugfrags I had, since 300 are needed to get 100 percent completion. As the pause screen loaded, I saw a bugfrag number of 300. Exactly how many I needed to continue.

I traveled back to Secret Area 3 to the bugfrag trader, which is accessed through a small path. I traded in all 300 bugfrags and I hear a growl, but it went on a little longer than usual like it wanted more, but Megaman and Lan said the same things as usual, so I didn’t think anything of it. I went to the location where I jacked-in and jacked-out since you can only leave the Secret Areas from the first area where you come in.

I jack-in again and go to the secret area where a mysterious netnavi awaits me near the portal. That was odd since there never was a person there before. I was concerned at what it would say. It said, “Turn back. Someone awoke the beast.” I wasn’t very impressed since I have experience in hacking Megaman Battle Network games, but I was concerned since the community that hacks these games has never put one on a legit cartridge before. Also, I was with my friend when he bought it brand new!

I continue through and see another netnavi at the door to the next area. It said, “Go feed the beast.” What was this beast these guys were talking about? The only enemy that even resembled a beast in this game was some smaller viruses and a boss.

I continue through the next area. The background went from a bluish color to a slate color. I don’t even remember reading tutorials on how to change colors during certain events. I continued and arrived at the door for the final area, I see the same looking netnavi. It said, “The beast will eat you alive, _____.” It said my name! The game just said my name! I’ve never played this game before today! I’m officially freaked out now, but my curiosity about this beast trumps my fears.

I continue on to the next area. The background turned into a light black color now. Constant growling every three seconds can be heard now. I knew the only place to go to was the bugfrag trader. I made it to the trader and the growling stops when cut scene starts. Megaman looks left of the trader and says, “Lan! I sense a huge power coming from the distance!” The growling started again and the screen began to shake uncontrollably. Bass flew over the water going towards Megaman very slowly like he was wounded. “What are you doing here Bass,” Megaman says with curiosity. Bass says, “The beast…is here.”

After Bass finished that statement, a red bubble surround Bass just like the final battle of this game. I look in horror as Bass was being eaten alive. The deletion sound of losing a netbattle occurred. The red bubble disappears and water changes to a red color. Out from the water appears Alpha, the final boss.

Lan and I both say at the same time, “How can this be possible?” A text box appears without an image like before and read. “F-E-E-D M-E!” I had enough. I ripped out the game from my DS Lite hoping the screen would freeze so I could turn off the DS. As I was about to turn off the DS Lite, another text box appears. “W-H-Y R-U-N?” I threw the DS across the room and screen turned black. That scared the crap out of me!

I grabbed the game and took it to my friend’s house wondering if anyone has touched this game besides the two of us. “You and I are the only people that have played this game,” he says with certainty. I hand him the game and explained what happened. He puts the game into his DS Lite and loaded the title screen. To my amazement, the save file wasn’t corrupted. My friend loaded the save file, turned in the bugfrags at the trader, left the Secret Area, and came back to the Secret Area. He rushed back to the trader and then a cut scene started.

It was not the cut scene I saw 30 minutes ago! It was the cut scene where you battle BassGS! He attempted the battle knowing I wouldn’t play it for a long time and lost pretty easily. He laughed after he lost and said I went insane. I did know what I saw and for the game to change that drastically is even beyond me. What I do know is I gave my friend a link to the community about two years ago, so it’s completely possible he could’ve pranked me. For now, I’ll never know why this happened.

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