BEWARE: Read MaRIo II before reading this.

1st PartEdit

One day, I was bored. I wanted to play Super Mario Bros. 3, one of my favorite NES games. I got out my NES, put in the SMB3 cartridge, and turned it on. Only the start screen was different. The curtain had a rainbow color, and Mario and Luigi looked like ponies. The music was also different. It played the My Little Pony theme song. The title said, "My Little Mario Bros.: The 3rd Edition", instead of "Super Mario Bros. 3".

I pressed start, and the title changed to "Ohana, Mario!". The whole screen was now 16-bit. How could a NES have 16-bit? The background showed a tropical island. Mario and Luigi were wearing swimsuits. I pressed start again, and the "Mario!" part in the title changed to "Trois".

I pressed A, and the "Ohana," part read "MaRIo". The screen was back to 8-bit. Mario and Luigi were in their original Super Mario Bros. sprites, and the background showed a volcano spewing lava. I saw Mario doing something different. He kicked a Blue Spiky Shell, and it hit Luigi and exploded. Luigi was injured and jumped on the title. Then it took me to the map screen.

I chose 1-1. The ground looked like sand. The Goombas were smiling and when I approached near them, they followed him trying to hug me. I ran away and jumped into a Warp Pipe. I ended up in a Toad House.

The Toad said, "Please choose a Pokéball to win."

Heck, why is he mentioning Pokéballs in a NES? I chose the one in the middle, and what came out of it was a peculiar strange purple bird with black eyes. The bird pecked me and I could feel the pain. I groaned Peter Griffins-style until I fainted. I was dreaming of Princess Peach seeing me open my eyes and then I could fall in love in her. I woke up when I was about to say that I will marry Peach.

The next level was open. I went in, and saw a TV. I got VERY CLOSE to it, and I accidentally turned it on. It had clips from SuperMarioGlitchy4's Ssenmodnar videos. I was about to run, but I changed my mind and enjoyed it. A few moments later, I heard a glass shatter and the whole background showed a scary-looking field. Sonic.exe appeared and kicked me all the way to the source of the final boss, a shady black character. I battled the character until it was revealed to be a 3D Mario with a huge foot. He stomped on me with his foot. I lost one of my 5 lives.

I went to 3-2. It was very cold. Too cold for me to reside in. I was freezing like a small fish trapped in the Arctic. Then, I saw a fireplace. I charged into it like an angry buffalo aiming at its prey, but when I came in contact with it, the fireplace, me, and the WHOLE LEVEL were on fire. After a few minutes trying to get rid of the fire, the game shut off. Before the game shut off, a message that said "You got burned to ash. Luigi will miss you and Bowser will take over the universe. GAME OVER", was taped onto the screen, accompanied by the SMB3 Game Over music.

I tried to turn it on again. But then, the same message was taped, and automatically turned off the game a few seconds later. Luckily, I had a copy/backup of the game that should correctly start up.

The Copy/BackupEdit

I did all that was written above again, except I went to 3-3 instead of 3-2, because 3-2 will make the copy/backup unable to start up either. I fell down a slide. A LONG slide. I screamed and shouted and yowled and howled all the way down. The slide led to a dead end, a cliff thing. I fell all the way down to the ground and broke my leg. I can't go on at this point, so I tried to reset. This time, I avoided the slide and tried the other way, a Warp Pipe. It led to a forest. There were Goombas scattered around the trees. Halfway through the forest, I encountered a butterfly. It was the same EPIC one. It took me to Butterfly 64 and I was shocked so much that I fainted again. I lost another life.

I went back to 2-1. It was turning into a desert-like place. It was HOT there. I tried putting on my jacket by going to the inventory (wait, what?) in the pause menu and selecting "Jacket". I was getting VERY cold, so I put off my jacket. I went on and forgot about the hotness in the level, and I encountered living blocks. Goombas were using them to jump very high. I jumped on the blocks and kept jumping until I got hit. I got kicked back to Larry Koopa's airship, near the white Warp Pipe. I jumped in, and instead of Larry Koopa, I saw... a GIANT GOOMBA BLOCK. It squashed me. I had 2 lives.

I went to the middle of World 1, which was getting eviler now. It was a strange level. It became 3D at the first part, then 16-bit in the second part, then Game and Wario-style in the third, and finally the My Little Pony theme in the fourth part that I saw earlier at the title screen. I was getting dizzy by these effects, and I didn't know I was falling into a Goomba wearing a shell on its head. I got stabbed by the VERY TINY spike in the shell. Then I went to 6-3 (getting more eviler and more eviler), with only 1 life remaining.

I had nausea from still thinking about the incident with the Goomba and its shell. I met a Koopa. He was friendly. He took me to his house, where a DISCO-STYLE PARTY was being held there. My eyes turned into swirly trippy wheels, and I fainted once again. The Game Over screen didn't show up. All that happened was an iris-out.

The screen then showed up a picture of all the Worlds, being TOO EVIL and looking like World 8, but growing more and more. The words:

"LOSTLY DEAD..." can be seen at the top, with blood dripping.

Mario's dead body was sitting at the top of the "E" in "DEAD". Then, a message was scrolling at the bottom:

"Mario had lost his 5 souls. Before he died, he said his last words, "Asoceus celsius". Luigi moved to Isle Delfino a day later, and so Bowser ruled the Mushroom Kingdom for centuries." I didn't know what was going on.

I tried reseting and going to File A, the file where I lost all 5 lives, but the same picture, words, dead body and message were shown. I repeated this 3 times before giving up. Seriously. I went to File B to play some more, but there was a picture of all the villains (see Villain Wiki) and their friends (including Joey, Dee Dee, Marky, the devil from Tom and Jerry, Wario, etc.), and the balloon-style words "Friendship for Villains!" were at the top. This same picture appeared at File C. Now I am trying to search for the sequel. I hope it doesn't contain stuff like this picture thingy.

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