I would like to warn you right now, once the story gets into it you will hear and see explicit content. Just giving you a heads up. There are many F bombs, also there is sick fucking shit once you get down there! Please lets keep this 16+

So we've all been listening to a good song and wish, "I want to try making music." Well maybe not all of you, but I have at least. So I was surfing YouTube about a month ago, and I found a somewhat good artist named "Percodan." He released songs that were of the genres of Trance, Dance, House, and even sometimes Dubstep.

One day he put out an ep. named "Spring," it contained five songs, "Saucer", "Make it fly", "Mazia", "There it is" and "Spring". I had become interested in the song entitled "Make it Fly", it was 2 minute drum and guitar bass song, sometimes having some leads and synth put in it.

After a few days he put out a music video for it, or that's what it said in the title. The video itself was, abnormal for today's equipment for creating music videos. It was only 45 seconds. It was mostly black screen, with murmuring in the background, like right before it comes back from black in the Suicide Mouse.avi tape. Once it ended it said to see the description, I did.

It gave a link to a website. I would rather not say the link, for safety reasons. It gave an address to a shop, I had driven by it a few times for it was actually local to me. It also gave instructions, numbered off instructions. It told me to go to the pawn shop and ask for the VHS tape called "Make it Fly." Then it said I should buy a VHS player if I didn't already have one, I did.

The next hour I headed out with my buddy Matt. He wanted to hit the bar, but I got him to come with me and watch the tape. Once we got there I realized how creepy the little pawn shop was. It was old, the wooden walls starting to rot away, but we pressed on and went in. We looked around a bit, there was tons of stuff, old TV's, Record players, Records, and even a revolver, which Matt Decided to buy. Once we were done browsing I went to the counter. An old man appear out of a closet behind the register and asked us what we wanted. Matt Bought his weapon first, and then I asked,

"Do you have the 'Make it Fly' tape?" He didn't say anything. He handed us a VHS case with the tape inside, "Keep it for free." he said. He then walked back into his closet and we walked out.

Once we got back to my place, I opened the case the tape was in. And popped it into the VHS and it started. The first two minutes where of random squish and groans from old rusty pipes, mixed in with a sound clip from the 'Redmist' tape, that was posted on YouTube. This is all that happened for two minutes before cutting to black for a quick moment. Coming back again it started with a group of upside down title cards, also done in a font and background that chilled us. And then it began.

The first and only noticeable thing of the title cards was that it said how long the video was. I also noticed that throughout the title card part, the song Make it Fly was distorted and was reversed. The quality declined until you could only hear white noise and see the title cards repeat themselves for a full 2 minutes before stopping, then going to the actual video. When it did, there was a slight bunch of high pitched screech and groans mixed with white noise.

The picture got clear. It was a looping animation of a mans feet walking down a sidewalk, wearing headphones as the chord could be seen bouncing about. The loop itself was only 5 seconds before it replayed itself. This is what happened for five minutes before it turned to screaming, pleading for help, or for somebody to stop what they were doing it whoever was screaming, mixed with crying and metallic sounds. The sound got louder and louder until it was ear piercingly loud. We turned the volume down, even then it was louder than ever.

By the 7th minute the feet and legs started to contort, the sidewalk tested and turned and made it look as if something from suicide mouse. By the 9th minute we started seeing flashes, and other stuff. I pulled out my video editing stuff and plopped it into my frame editor. And replayed the photos frame by frame. What we saw was fucking awful. It was a 9 frames of a man raping a child. With a rusty screwdriver.

We pressed on with the video, and again a single frame was replaced about 15 seconds after the first. The next was a fucking disgusting image of a guy, cutting his penis off. We pressed on, when the real violence started happening. A 18 frame part of a man cutting a baby out of a woman's vag. The last few of what were the unborn child's leg sticking out of it.

We decided to say fuck it and watched the rest of the video. The next two ones where different. The creepypasta called 'redmist' contains photos of dead children. It was exactly the same ones, same with the 7 frame one. We plugged it back into the VHS and watched it without viewing the frames. It only got worse. They started lasting seconds, Women being raped, a group of men eating each other, literally.

Every second the music got louder. The screams and cries of small children, blood curdling screams of children and voices in the background threatening and taunting little children as they cried. More screamed for their mothers, I wanted to too. Suddenly Matt ripped out the tape. He got his revolver and grabbed me, we went out to our back yard and shot the shit out of that thing.

My ears are still ringing. I can still hear the pained cries of children, men, and women, the images never left my mind. I still hear them all at night, the voices threatening me, those fucking feet consorting and stretching. They will never leave. When I woke up I was welcomed with a loud sound, I went to the living room. The VCR was up. Running. And was running the fucking tape. I ran at it with a hammer and smashed that fucking badger onto the ground.

I pulled my VCR out of my house took the tape out and banged it with rocks, crow bars, planks of wood, until it was nothing but plastic and messed up pieces of the tape itself. Two weeks later, it came in the mail. I brought that mother fucker to a cliff and smashed it on the ground a few times, and then threw it over.

Later that night, somebody broke into my house. My girlfriend was with me that night, we were sleeping, exhausted from our long day of work. For me it was throwing something as hard as I could off of a cliff. I didn't hear somebody break in, but my girlfriend says that while she was grabbing water in the middle of the night she heard banging coming from the front of the house.

When I woke up she was holding a VHS tape. This was the last straw, I took it from her hands and torched that sit fucking asshole with my lighter and Gasoline. Later that night me, Matt, his girlfriend and mine had a bon fire. We watched as it went up in flames, it made a great fire starter.

Before bed we fooled around, we were piss drunk and I can't remember if we had sex or not. But when I woke up there was stomping upstairs in the attic, I grabbed my shotgun that I kept for moments like this. We walked out into the hall and found the tape laying on the ground. I had it up to here, I headed it the police. My girlfriend stayed home and I promised her I would call her once I got it in to the police. We sat down and watched it. I showed him the frames that I had seen, and I also got to see the rest of it for myself. It was terrible, I don't even want to say it.

There was a young man, forced to eat the rotting flesh of a young boy. Crying while he does, after this the pleading of him starts, mixed in with the already made crying and pleading, there was more; girls being forced to literally fuck scissors and razor blades. Pleading more, the rest was suicide and cannibalism. Lasting up to five seconds. The end finally came, the ending card came up as "The Death Of Joshua." I was mortified, same with the police. They told me they were going to put us in a safe house and that we were going to be okay and safe.

Just then the police officer got a report, a murder has gone on. A man, a woman, and a child have been murdered. He had to bring me with him because the murder was local. I was scared sick when I learned the address of the murder, or, my house. When we got there I watched as my girlfriend walked out with blood all over her underwear, face, and also her hands. A paramedic gave her a blanket, I rushed over and she collapsed in my arms. She had fainted.

They carried out the bodies of Matt, his girlfriend and a random child I hadn't seen before. They were all half eaten. Guts missing, eyeballs missing, then I noticed large gash on my girlfriends arms, legs, and back, and trauma signs all around the throat area, like she was in a struggle. They also pulled out a tape, a video camera, and several murder weapons; a rusty screwdriver, a knife, and a pair of scissors.

It's the next day. All my girlfriend does is cry, she can't answer the questions in the interrogation. All she says is "He did it, he killed those people." The police put us in our safe house and I got her to sleep, and returned back to the police station to review the tape they found, while a police officer guarded my girlfriend with his life. The tape was half an hour long.

First the murderer raped Matt's girlfriend in front of him. Afterwards, he gutted Matt and stuck the screwdriver down his throat. Then he made the woman eat the small child, she was pleading, and crying, and throwing up. The child died, then the woman would not do what the man asked. He gutted her and then pulled out her organs. My girlfriend walked onto frame on the 20th minute.

He made her eat the organs of the dead and then tried to rape her. She kicked and screamed until one of the neighbors called the police. She fought him off, and by the 28th minute he escaped out of the window. She threw up on camera and then ran outside to me.

The police ran to the room, they needed to run tests on her and also pump her stomach of the bile and body parts she had eaten. When we got to our room, the guard was dead, she wasn't though. They rushed her to the hospital, more gashes where all over her.

This is a few days after all this happened. My girlfriend is okay, and I sent her to her mothers. She will be safe there, she is back to normal, except she cries quite a lot. I do too, this video is ruining my life. I'm scared for my life. I don't talk much either, I mostly help the police all night, I can't sleep. I talk to my girlfriend sometimes, over Facebook, at least. I think I'm just going to kill myself. The video keeps coming back, like it's a demon, or something like that. Yeah, that's what I will do, I'll grab a police officer's gun and shoot myself in the fucking head with it. Yeah I will. This has been a good life.

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