Welcome to this new time.

You may be wondering about this manifesto, but let me assure you, this isn't just some random creepypasta. The world you are living in, all of your memories, hopes, and dreams are all fake. You are actually a volunteer from your so called "future," helping conduct an experiment on human nature. Your memory was wiped and replaced with what we want you know, and as of right now, you have very little understanding of what the world is really like.

Now, you must be doubting this, telling yourself that it is only some Creepypasta that you found on the internet, and that's what you were programmed to think. It is up to you to believe it or not. Before this message ends, I'd just like to tell you that most people that you know aren't real.

They are robots, designed to test you in many ways, recording your reaction. Some are good tests, some are bad, but they are all for the good of your "future." There are also other people, volunteers like you, and you may interact freely among each other, but be aware that you have no idea who to trust. Good luck in this world.

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