I loved Pokémon games. Though as I grew older I started using emulators and ROMs. But I decided to play my Pearl again. I had used an Action Replay to mod it. I had all my wonderful Pokémon. Of course my Torterra, in which I had named Leafy, was level 100, and my favorite. I scanned through my PC and found a Pokémon. An Eevee to be exact.

Which was impossible. I had evolved all my Eevee's into each possible evolution. I never had kept one as just an Eevee. It was at level 33. I retrieved it from my PC anyway, and decided to train it. I checked it's stats first. It was of a sassy nature. It knew some standard attacks as well. Quick Attack, Growl, Sand Attack, and Helping Hand. I figured I would train it and evolve it into another Umbreon, since I loved Umbreon. So I had did it. Friendship was maxed out and it was night. He started to evolve. Then it stopped evolving. I was pretty pissed at the time.

Then it said "Eevee refuses to evolve!"

I looked back at the stats. The friendship went down to nothing. I thought of it as a glitch. I went to my PC. My Pokémon were gone. Every single one. I had basically all of them collected. They were all gone. Each and every one. My boxes also were renamed. I liked to label my boxes Grass, Fire, Water, etc. All of them were renamed to "GONE". But then there was one box. Filled with Unknowns. I have read Creepypastas before and I didn't like where this was headed. But I looked through all of them.

The Unknowns spelt out "ME AND ONLY ME". I was scared out of my mind. I looked at my party.

Only that Eevee was there. I looked at the moves. There they were. Curse, Perish Song, Scary Face and a new move.. It was called Addict. It's nature had changed too. To Jealous. I have never seen that nature before. I backed out of the PC, and the Eevee started to evolve. It evolved into another Eevee. But this Eevee looked different. Black fur. No eyes. A red mane. The name of the newly evolved Eevee was Neglect. The game saved. I was shocked. A message popped up.

"You only love me now, Luis."

Luis was my real name, and I used it for my trainer. I checked my PC again, to see all the Unknows were gone. I only had Neglect. But for some reason, I got over it. I used Neglect to rematch the Pokémon League. I don't know why I did it. But when I used him it said the enemy Pokémon were too scared to fight and fainted instantly. I didn't even have to use a move. Talk about easy experience. I didn't mind Neglect. It was like Eevee had a Ghost evolution. I mean it wasn't that bad. After I beat Cynthia the game restarted. I was in a cave though. Not my normal home. There were tons of Pokeballs everywhere.

Each one I clicked, had one of my Pokémon, dead, torn apart. It was a horror. Palkia, Dialga, Leafy, Inferape, Empoleon, all of them dead. My dear Primeape I had raised. Suddenly, a message popped up on my screen saying "Neglect used Addict". The screen went black. My trainer was there, with bloodshot eyes and a psychotic smile. I shut off and reloaded the game. I couldn't choose anything. It just showed my trainer. All psychotic. I removed Pearl. I decided to play Leaf Green, my only other Pokémon Game for a console, the rest were ROMs.

It put me in the same cave. A bunch of Pokeballs. Showing my Leaf Green team. Neglect was on my team. He used Addict. The same thing that happened in Pearl occurred. I went on my emulator. My hacked Emerald I had made using GBA Pokémon Editor, same thing. Neglect was there in the cave with me. He used Addict. Sapphire, Neglect was there once again. Every Pokémon game. Neglect was in it.

Months later I bought Black. I started the game. There was no opening. I was in a cave. There was one Pokeball. I opened it. Out came Neglect.

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