Author's 1st Creepypasta

There I was opening up Minecraft launcher it had been a hard long day at college. I sat at my desk with a can of mountain dew and created a new world. Everything was normal until I had grabbed my first stack of cobblestone I started hearing whispering from a cave I checked my console. Everything seemed fine I crafted myself a stone sword and ventured inside.

The closer I got the louder the whispering became then I saw it. In my chat window there was a message talking a bout a new player.

"That's funny." I say

"I don't remember opening to LAN."

I glanced at the name and quietly read "notch". I rub my eyes but there it is in blood red.

I jump in fright as I hear a deep voice, "Brayden turn back you don't to get hurt do you?"

I push down the S key but nothing happens my only option is to walk forwards.

I decided to quit Minecraft I paused but gasped as I could not find the "save and quit" button.

"You don't want to do that!" Screamed the voice I was freaking out.

I decided I had enough. I pulled out the plug to my computer and restarted instead of the original boot logo it had a creeper head cool I said as I watched the creeper head spin.

When my PC had loaded I noticed my wallpaper had changed it now said, "You foolish boy." in bold lettering, all my icons had disappeared too all. I could find was Minecraft.EXE I opened the file, and loaded the game nothing happened again. Once more I clicked on the icon but to no avail; I started going mad.

I went into my appdata folder and completely deleted Minecraft after launching Minecraft.EXE I had heard screaming the Minecraft logo had blood dripping from the bottom of each letter. I decided to go to bed and think about this during the morning. The next day I woke up with an extreme need to play Minecraft I played it so much I was beginning to lose all my friends and family. Notch became my only friend the only person who mattered. After a month I had died of brain damage and was never heard of again.

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