Now. You can believe anything you want, but this is true. I am telling the honest truth, trying not to shudder. I'm still having the nightmares of the screams erupting in my ears violently! Please. Help me in any way possible.

How this all happenedEdit

For a while now, I was stuck in my own twisted ways, playing my GBA Emulator, trying to find some good games, until something caught my eye. It was a link to a website who had games that supported the DS Emulator & The GBA Emulator. My eyes began to twinkle in happiness...Later, I might figure out that it might cost my own life to play the game.

The origin of the voicesEdit

The site had a ton of games for the GBA like I said. I was looking for a copy of Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel. I also managed to download some other good games while I was at it. Excited to play my newly downloaded games, I started from the beginning of the series, all the way to the end. Later that night though, I ran across something creepy. My save file from Team Colonel Disappeared. I had a sad face since I collected so many rare Chips. So I decided to call it quits for the night until I heard from father. It was about 3 days later until I obtained a call from mother, telling me some very scary news. My Father passed away from a heart attack after playing a GBA I bought him for his Birthday (I was slightly idiotic at the time). He died playing Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel. My mother said she was going to ship the game to me by next evening.

The day I dreadEdit

After my father's funeral, I went directly home. It was obviously sadness that took over my life. I would focus on playing the game known as Pokemon until someone rings the doorbell. I go see who it is, and what do you know? It's my old buddy matt.

CONVERSATION (5:30 PM - 7:15 PM)

Me: Hey Matt!

Matt: What's up my buddy? How's it been?

(I tell matt what happened)

Matt: That's a bit odd...Your father never had a heart attack before.

Me: At least he's in a better place now.

Matt: Oh By the way, I found this on your doorstep.

Me: Thanks, buddy!

Matt: No prob! See ya tomorrow!

(End of Conversation)

Matt went out the front door with a smile, kinda creepy. I looked at the message and the Cartridge.

MESSAGE: (1/13/2014)

Son, Please bury the cartridge. I tried to stop him myself, but he was just too strong for a Colonel like me. Please. I beg of you to bury the cartridge. Do not play it, he may come after you. Best wishes from your Friendly Father.

(End of Message)

I was shocked that my father would give me the cartridge. It was now my decision on what to do with it. Being the curious george I am, I played it for the hell of it.

Game Chapter 1Edit

The intro was nothing out of the ordinary. It was called Megaman Battle network Zero on the title screen (NO BS) Pressing start, I only had one option. NEW GAME was selected Automatically. (And Yes I was playing on a real GBA.) The opening cutscene occured. There was only one figure, who had a small conversation with himself. (NO BS)


???: He had to die...Why? *sob sob*

???: He was so young, yet he was still my son.

???: I can't handle the pain any longer...

???: Let's hope the new ones finish this program for us.

End of Conversation

Then, there was no cutscene stating the year. It just skipped to the game. As usual Lan and Megaman were doing the old fashioned "Wake-up call". Mom didn't call Lan until after he began to jack in. Mom said that she wanted Lan to come in the Kitchen. (NO BS) Lan went to where mom usually was. Then, a cutscene starts. She states that Megaman needs to be Programmed again. What did she mean by again? "Ah Screw it!," I thought to myself. Lan handed over the pet, and Mom does the unthinkable. She used an unused sprite to throw the PET onto the ground, smashing it into an unseen sprite. Mom stated that Megaman would be Replaced. The game suddenly crashed, because I took out the cartridge. "Screw this game," I said to myself. Something stopped me from throwing it away though. I couldn't explain it in any way whatsoever. I summoned the courage to play the game again. Everything back to normal as I thought, Except there was hardly any music.

Game Chapter 2Edit

I made it all the way to the point where you would fight Blizzardman. He said before the liberation that the true enemy is the helper of myself. I said that he was wrong obviously. Colonel took down Blizzardman in one turn liberation. Blizzardman was deleted without saying a word. All he said was "Kwaaaaaah!." As he would explode, I heard quiet laughter coming from my GBA Speakers. Afterwards, the game for the next 15 minutes played out well. No errors whatsoever. However, I did have to restart the game about 2 times due to the issues with the outdated GBA. This went on until I reached Oran Island. And oh was in for a surprise!

Game Chapter 3Edit

This was unlike the game itself. No, it was more than a hack. It was literal hell. Then, a Conversation took place.


Lan: What happened here?

Yai: Who knows? This place is a mess!

Dex: Who cares? The more extreme, the better!

Lan: ...Dex quit being such an idiot.

Dex: I'm not an idiot!

Lan: Yes you are. Why are you in an agreement with me?

Dex: Gah!

Yai: Quit fighting you morons!

(Dex Punches Lan with a never used sprite)

Lan: Ack!

Yai: Break it up you two! You can't be near each other!

(Dex and Lan say sorry to each other)

Lan: .....Mayl, you've been awful quiet...Are you ok?

Mayl: ...

Dex: Tell us this is a joke Mayl.

Mayl: ...

Lan: Mayl snap out of it!

Mayl: ...

Lan: Fine. We'll just head for home sooner.

End of Conversation

It was quite interesting what happened during that conversation. As usual, everything played out well. Lan wouldn't go near the water though. All he would say was "I'm not going in there." He would back away each time. The cutscenes played out like they normally would, except no one went in the black water. I saved the game and called it quits for the night.

Game Chapter 4Edit

Oran island continued to be quiet. This continued until Lan participates in the "fishing" contest. All hell would break loose in the next few minutes. I was sure of it, and what do you know? Something "Weird" happened.


Dex: Wooo! Another one!

Lan: Damn it!

Megaman: It's ok. Just keep on trying.

(A strange sound effect is heard for a split second)

Lan: I got one! I got a bite!

Megaman: Pull it in already! Pull it in!

(More creepy noises are heard)

Lan: Woah!

(The Fishing line goes snap)

Lan: Aww man!

Megaman: It's ok Lan. You tried anyway.


I was starting to get really annoyed with these constant weird messages. (NO BS) For some reason known to man, I kept on hearing thumping noises at my bedroom door. *Thump* *Thump* The noises continued until I pressed the A Button. The noises would stop, and I would pay more attention to the game again. Everything for the next five minutes was normal. Yeah, if you count that Oran Area couldn't be reached normally. A few minutes later, The next thing ya know is that I'm fighting KnightMan. After near endless waves of those annoying viruses. After Knightman's defeat, he said those damned words. 


I was starting to have trouble figuring out what was going on here. Then I saw another Textbox. "ScreenDiv!," Then, booming was heard. Knightman's sprite began to explode! I would then begin to think "Is Colonel my true enemy? Is he the "him" that he mentioned in my father's letter?" A battle would then begin. I was fighting Colonel, and the theme was the Nebula Battle Theme that was playing. I used what any other player would do. Using the LifeSrd, Colonel was easily defeated along with 2 MrkCan1(s). Colonel.exe Retaliated, Deleting Megaman in a few seconds.

Final Game ChapterEdit

After Megaman's deletion, it went back to the net. Megaman was kneeling before Colonel...quite literally. Then, Colonel said a few strange words. "The way of life is depended on your actions. Most people are trapped in their own dreams, thus they try to wake themselves up using small details. Most noises originate from the human's insanity, thus they continue to advance in technology. Most times, they are forced to work with each other. These humans are all criminals, young one. I leave you with my final wish. Bury the cartridge. Your father never understood what I was trying to say to him. Help us both, please. That's all I pray for."

After Reading and NotesEdit

To this day, I still am holding the cartridge, though it no longer works. I will give it away on eBay at some point, so I won't truly explain what I saw. Thank you for reading this story.

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