The Memory Stalker (AKA The Queen)

Have you ever gone to say something, but you forget what you're going to say before you can say it? It isn't just a brainfart, it's the Memory Striders. Memory Striders? What are those? You may be asking that, aren't you?

What are They?Edit

The Memory Striders are tiny demons that feed on humans thoughts and memories to transport it, they then take a small share of it to feed themselves, then represent them to their Queen, the Memory Stalker. If the queen is pleased with the offering, she takes it to feed herself. Although, if she isn't satisfied, the Striders must deliver it back to the human it came from. Depending on where the Stalker is at the moment, it may take them longer to deliver it back, if they choose not to warp.

If the Memory Stalker enjoys your memories and thoughts enough, it will start to take them herself. She normally comes to retrieve them late at night, or whenever your sleep periods are, so she doesn't get caught. If she is caught, she shows you her true face, and lets out an ear bursting scream, leaving you paralyzed, so it's a much better option to let her take the memories and go. It's not even painful, she just transmits a brain wave to you when she is within 20 feet of you, and then retreats.


They control this too. Sometimes, when transporting your memories, they pick up bits of the future. How? Well to arrive to the Stalker faster, they warp, sending them through the future, but sometimes, they pick up small fragments that attach to your memories. The future they travel through depends on the memory they are carrying. When returning your memories that the Stalker didn't want, they drop the fragments of the future into your memory bank, making it so that the memory is implanted in you, and when the event occurs, you get the instance of De-ja-vu.


Remember this my friend. Take care, and DO NOT SEARCH FOR THE STALKER. If you get paralyzed, you are screwed. I forgot to mention something though.. When you're paralyzed, the Striders like to feed on your flesh, turning you into one of them, so they can help you collect memories, for their queen.

Take care my good friend.. Take care.

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