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Soo...what do these warnings lead to? What I had discovered just got pretty twisted, deep, and kinda hurtful.

Meanings, and Few Leads...Edit

The message may warn few things: Pirating, and do not prove what sucks. Well, some people like Meta Knight, others don't. I have to say that what I had heard Meta Knight's taunts leads to my custom level I had created: "SidesOfMovement".

By using the Wiimote, you use down taunt. He taunts by saying "Come". Maybe like if some player is about to die, Meta Knight would say "Come". And by saying "Come..." he would mean " die", or as " lose" to take off the offense. Now, while I went to my custom level called "SidesOfMovement", I thought it was good. But, maybe if you look at the picture I had added very carefully and closely, you will see a very creepy thing...

...a face.


A smiling face. But that's not it. If you watch the footage* I added on this article carefully, and look at each moving platform, you will notice that it represents something. The 2 moving platforms move completely in the right position together. 2 sides. Maybe try to make a body language, making a sign that presents for you to come. And by looking the two sides, the moving platforms shows a moving sign, and that sign means this: Come.

Creepy. So...this level has it. The level represents a creepy smiling face, the two moving platforms show a sign for ME to "Come". Meta Knight taunts by saying "Come". But, does that fit the same on Meta Knight to the custom level "SidesOfMovement" showing a creepy sign, "Come"

Oh, yes, one more. When Meta Knight taunts, you will see that he has wings in the back, and that each of the side move.


There is many things to cover. So, why "Come" I may have many things to say, or write. If someone HATES Meta Knight, Meta may want a match with that person. But, this person has fear to fight Meta Knight. Meta Knight says "Come", meaning that the person should fight him. And, if you noticed Meta's eyes, by looking at his mask, you may see that he may be mad, or some other face expression that involves with anger.

My advice: Do Not "HATE". "Hate" is a strong word, and it does show the offense when you say "I hate you" or "I hate this, that, them, etc.".

You may say, "I don't like" or on any of your opinion. But, some people have to make a big deal, like making videos that they hate a character because this character "cheats", "unfair", or other. I guess that is what the creepy situation had come.

Before I'm done, I have to let you know that my custom level is supposed to be just a competitive level for me and my other friends and family to play and pick on which side is the best to survive. There is no difference on each side, but any player can pick which direction for them is comfortable.


That's pretty it. Leave any comment or suggestion. I guess this is my best creepypasta. Maybe this could be on Creepy Gameplays series somehow...

Thanks for reading.

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