My Name is Desmond Tanner, and I am a high school student who experienced a horror that will never leave me.

It started off as a normal lunch period at school that day and I bought my lunch as usual. I saw this boy who had ensconced himself away from everyone and was sitting alone. After talking to a few people at my normal lunch table, they explained to me that he was a junior named Alex Roland who had no friends and spent literally all his spare time playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

He didn't have his driver's license or even his learner's for that matter. He literally did nothing. I decided that maybe if he had a friend he would pull away from the game and perhaps realize that there is a world outside of that game. I moved over and sat at his table and tried talking to him and all he talked about was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. No matter how hard I tried, he would always change the subject back to the game.

I was about to give up hope, but as a Christian, I was told to love everyone and give everyone a chance, so I kept talking with him. Amazingly, I ended up talking him out of that game and we had a normal conversation. Throughout time he came to be one of my best friends. About a year later, Alex was a completely different person, and rarely ever played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, or any video game for that matter.

He was actually becoming one of the most popular kids in the school as he made the football team as the starting quarterback; in fact, he was so good that many colleges were recruiting him to join their team. I felt so good about myself to think that I changed him from an outcast into a successful young man. Eventually at the end of his senior year, he signed himself to Virginia Tech. Sadly, and very unexpectedly, Alex passed away about a month before he would begin his college career at Virginia Tech.

His Mother found him dead on the floor in his room and on his TV and the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game over screen. The forensics investigated why he had died, they found a strange imprint on his brain, but how it got there remained unknown. As his best friend, I was invited to his funeral and I cried to the point I could barely breathe. He had such a bright future ahead of him, and it all just came to an end so suddenly.

After the funeral, his mother gave me his copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and said “He always wanted you to play this”. I decided on his honor that I would play it and beat it. As I walked out of the funeral home, I heard a whisper in my ear. It sounded exactly like Alex and it said:


I decided that it was just a voice in my head and that I was just extremely sad about his death.

I had never played the game before, or any Zelda for that matter, so I watched a tutorial on YouTube so I wouldn’t get lost. I booted up the game and Alex had a save file, I decided to leave it alone in memory of him, and I also didn’t want to spoil the game for myself. The game played as normal, until Link gets turned into a wolf, from that point on all hell broke loose.

The cut scene where you meet Midna began and instead of her looking at Wolf Link she turned, and looked directly at me.

A text box appeared and it said, “We loved each other and you stopped us. You will pay…. DESMOND TANNER!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

My profile in the game was named Dess (my nick name). How did she know my real name?! Midna began laughing and the cut scene. It just ended and the game began with Midna on Wolf Link’s back.

I was petrified; to this day I have no idea why I kept playing. Anyway, the game played up to the point where you enter the sewers.

I used Wolf Link’s senses to talk to the ghost guard and he said, “Oh no, she’s gone insane, someone please help us all.” Midna began laughing hysterically and her laughing grew louder and louder, and then I heard a loud screech and the game just crashed.

My curiosity took over me and I rebooted the game. My save file was gone. In fact, every file space was gone except for Alex’s. I decided to play it and see what would happen. The game booted up and it was at the part of the game where you are a wolf and have to take Midna to Hyrule Castle for Zelda to heal her, except the scene was much more gruesome, Midna’s eyes and mouth where completely black with black ooze coming out of the mouth. Wolf Link whimpered and cried.

While this was happening in a textbox Midna said, “You stopped loving me. We spent all the time in the world together. Why did this happen?” The textbox disappeared and Midna screamed and tears rolled down from her face.

A textbox appeared and it wrote, “If you won’t tell me I will find out another way…” For about thirty seconds the screen just stood there with Wolf Link now lying on the ground whimpering even louder now, I couldn’t move Link at all.

After the thirty seconds had passed, she then slowly turned her head and looked straight at me. Her mouth began oozing black even faster now and her face began cracking, and the black ooze began filling the cracks. She screamed and lunged at the screen and you could see nothing but her pale face and black eyes for a split second and then the game went to black, after that no music was played, it just showed the game over screen and a text box slowly wrote:


I couldn’t take any more. I just went up to bed watched something on TV to get my mind off of it. I ended up falling asleep, and as I slept I had a dream, except in this dream there was no vision, it was just sound, and it was Midna laughing. I woke up with a shock and my bed and I were drenched in sweat. I went downstairs to grab something to eat and something struck my mind. The forensics said an imprint was found on his brain, perhaps it was shaped like Midna. Maybe Midna killed him and read his mind and that’s how she knew that I drove him away from the game.

I drove to Alex’s house and I knocked on the door. Alex’s mother answered the door and tears were dried on her face. She said, “Desmond, why are you here?”

I spoke and said “Do you still have the picture of Alex’s brain with the mark on it?” She responded in a depressed tone, “No, but the forensics’ lab is still open, they will probably have a picture, why do you need this?” 

I was afraid to tell her because if I did, Midna might haunt her too, so I just stood there quietly and awkwardly, eventually she just said “Forget it, please just leave us alone, we can’t take anything else right now.”

I got to my car and drove over to the lab, but the place looked abandoned. I knocked on the door and it opened on its own. I walked inside to see if anyone was there, but I heard nothing. I walked in the room and heard Midna laughing. I froze in fear, as I stopped I heard the laughing getting louder and I ran behind a desk with a computer on top of it. I looked up and saw the Midna I saw last night. Her skin pale and her eyes black and her mouth with black ooze coming out of it.

I screamed and a forensic came around the corner and said “Who’s here?” I looked at the forensic and said “That thing is trying to kill me,” and I looked back and noticed that Midna was gone. The forensic said “Are you alright? Have you been drinking?”. I replied “No, please just tell me, may I see the picture of Alex Roland’s brain scan please?” He replied in a confused tone “Sure, I guess so.”

He pulled up the picture on the computer and sure enough I was right, on the picture was Alex’s brain with Midna etched on to it. I shivered and couldn’t believe it. Midna had really killed Alex. The forensic spoke and said “Do you know something I don’t?”. I replied and a low toned voice, “You could say that.”. I drove back home and decided to play the game again. This time when I booted the game up, there was a file there that said my full name, Desmond John Tanner.

I feared the worst but proceeded anyway and clicked on the file. It immediately went to a cut scene and Midna was out in the distance crying. She looked up and turned around and began running towards me, I felt possessed and couldn’t move. She kept running towards the screen and right before she could escape and kill me, someone or something tackled her off screen and whoever that was had a knife and killed her. Midna screamed in pain and black ooze splattered everywhere. The figure turned around, and I looked my best friend Alex Roland in the eye. The game then crashed.

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