Here we are posting our Twitter; @shineayandellie, and also blogging our experiences and we play the Midnight Game.


We started at Midnight Obviously but then I had to split up with Shineay, she went to the attic and I went to the basement, I  hadn't met the man yet and wasn't eager to either. Shineay and I met up about 10 minutes later having not been spooked by our candles going out or by the man, so we decided to walk around together for a bit. We were in an abandoned building and it was really dark and haughty so we relinquished the experience more, Shineay had decided we should bring snacks so we walked and ate our crisps and sandwiches and talked about hat we should do if we get caught and we are separated, we decided we would scream anyway so we wouldn't scream where we were.

I was bored so I decided to check out the nursery and the library (it was an old Victorian house which was abandoned in the middle of nowhere so we were screwed if the man got us) and I saw the cutest nursery EVER! It had a faded blue cot with about 4 inches of dust smothering it and all blue furniture, I looked around and saw a rocking horse, similar to one I had as a kid. Suddenly it began to Rock back and forth and my candle blew out, I lit it really quick and saw a dark shadow moving out of the room. I called Shineay on our walkie talkie system and told her I had spotted him, and she was in fits of terror. Apparently she had been in the basement and her candle went out but she couldn't light it, so she had to draw a ring of salt around herself and was now trapped there until 3:33. I immediately ran to the basement and saw Shineay in the ring of salt, eyes filled with terror but no tears, (unlike me, Shineay is really brave and I'm a scared pussy) and I tried to stay with her until 3:33 but I knew I had to leave. (It was about 2:30 in the morning by now)

I explored more, finding old passageways and rooms with huge 4 poster beds in, then I found a rather interesting thing, a locked door. And where there is a locked door there is a secret. I tried opening the door, finding all the eroded points in the wooden door and somehow, I managed to open the door. I saw the worst ting :) ever, it was disgusting. I saw a man, not a Victorian man but a newly dead man, hanging from the open ceiling on a piece of rope attached to his neck. I approached and found a police badge on his chest and turned back to the door to leave. A sudden pressure on my shoulder told me her had touched me, a dead man had touched me. I turned to face the body and saw black, bottomless eyes boring into mine, and I screamed.

As I screamed my candle went out, but I had dropped my matchbox when the man touched me. So I had to draw a ring of salt around me, with that man grabbing my shoulder and glaring into my eyes. I have never felt so scared.

Eventually 3:33 came and I legged it out of that room and found Shineay. I never, ever want to go back to that place unless the police are with me.

I started with Ellie at midnight and quickly tried to find the attic, trying not to run away and abandon my friend. The attic was REALLY dusty and I started to cough heavily (neither of us have asthma). I found some strange Occultic items in the attic and found a flashlight, full with half used batteries. I went back downstairs and my candle flickered. The temperature dropped and I lit the candle in super quick time I was really scared and I saw a shadow shape walk towards me. I ran into the nearest room and saw beautiful furniture. A huge mahogany 4 poster bed and mahogany nightstands, an Oak dresser and wardrobe piece and  curious locked chest. I used my elbow to hit away the rotting wood and saw a mangled bloody man, locked in the chest, skin ripped by what seemed to be talons or claws. I ran out of the room with teary eyes, trying to contact Elie on the walkie talkie. I fell down some stairs and found myself in a wine cellar. My candle flickered out and my matches were no-where! I drew the ring of salt and blacked out around 2:30.

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