The usual stories about MineCraft will always go to Herobrine, about how he lives and he’s a lot more than code. But have you ever wondered about the Creepers? Whether they hold any secrets?

Everyone whose played Minecraft are familiar with them. They creep behind you. They blow up. And that's it. Personally, I had been very wary of Creepers the first time I played Minecraft. Though that they'd pop up and suddenly explode behind me. I was scared half to death. One day, I was in my room, watching some YouTube on my phone and felt like downloading Minecraft on my computer. Most of the time, I had played it on Xbox, but I had just gotten a Windows for my birthday and decided that I'd make the most of it.


So, I eventually found a website to download it on for free. I do not remember the name of thise website, it was sort of like "" or something. Shortly after downloading it, I went to 'My Downloads' and found the folder. It was called, "Minecraft.rar" but instead of solid black letters, they were a sort of blood-red which kinda me me wonder why.

So anyway, I clicked on it and opened it up without a hitch. I created a new world, called it "Awesome Plants" for some stupid reason and downloaded the terrain. In a few short minutes, I had spawned in a single-player world and was now looking for some wood to make a house. What seemed a bit odd about the computer version was that it kept on glitching. Also, the screen would cut to static (which was very odd) for some split seconds and then go back to the world I was playing in.

After playing for a few minutes, the sky turned blood-red and I noticed that it was getting late. I was only half-way finished through building my house when I heard, "Ssss.." There was a noticabally loud bang and the whole screen cut to red. It said, "You died! Respawn or Main Menu?" so I clicked 'respawn' (which I had no earthly idea what it meant) and found myself falling through the sky. Luckily, I landed in water, which broke my fall and I wasn't hurt.

I began swimming to the shore, and then I heard again, "Ssss..." and whipped the character's head around to see in the far distance, a blood-red creature was standing along the horizon. I could make out that it was DEFINITELY NOT a creeper. I came close to it to see... it was the model of my player. He had bloody glowing eyes and whispered, "Thy hast brough thine light into thy darkness. I am thy leader of thy flock" and then my computer powered down... leaving me in the dark.


Still, to this day, I will remember that. I had no idea what "I am thy leader of thy flock" meant at all, so I looked it up one day and found horrid search results that I refuse to tell you. Anyway, next time you play Minecraft, be very careful what you do.

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