I was sitting there. I tried my best to defend the earth, but it was no use. The mutants looked at me and told us that we were going to die and become extinct. These mutants were going to kill all of us humans. Our General, Ivo, built huge robots to emulate the mutants. Oh, and I should explain the mutants. They were tested by the westerners of the desert. If the tests were insane, and used steroids, then there will be a new drug called "rushed". But then one day, the lab's experiments created these rings of pure gold that had the drugs in them, along with pure energy of chaos.

They started to also test on jewels: Rubes, sapphire, pearls, emeralds. 7 of each. Soon they were capturing animals and testing if they had FEV or Forced Evolutionary Virus. It changed their color, shape, and it gave them powers. A sentence. They started to rebel, kill, change, and breed. Soon a group of animen, as we called them, could change their biology to amplify their power. Finally one of the gems we tested on brought in so much power, a part of the continent broke off into the air. The floating island housed the gem. We couldn't believe it. Our general Ivo came in.

He told us that we had lost. We are all going to be turned into robots so we could become fighters. We couldn't believe it. Our Earth was being renamed "Mobius".

"If anyone from the Knothole Freedom Fighters: Sonic, Sally, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, catch those damned emeralds, I hope Dr. Robotnik beats your asses to death. You killed humanity. You will never defeat him. I'm also going to be at his side. We will get to you.

Signed, Snivly."

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