A long time ago, there was a Pokémon called Ariados that lived in the wilderness of the Johto region. She would always hang on her web and gaze at the moon every year when it was full and bright.

She loved the moon and when it glistened in her web. But one night, Ariados was attacked by a Noctowl. As Ariados saw the owl that was going to prey on her, she became frightened and quickly scurried away from the owl, and her web.

However, Noctowl swooped down farther and farther until it could grab Ariados with its talons and grab her. Noctowl managed to pick Ariados up, gripping her torso until it gushed blood out of her insides, her intestines had exploded. Ariados screamed so hard her voice box had worn out, as blood came out of her torso like gooey red slime and as the Noctowl gripped on her harder, and harder, and harder until she was about to die.

As soon as she was about to die, she immediately used a String Shot directly at Nocturn's face. Noctowl then started to squirm and eventually dropped Ariados from the air. When Ariados falls to the ground, her body splatted into the grass as her heart was bleeding, and her brain and bones splattered. Her blood and her poison spreads out of her body on the ground like extremely sticky slime. She couldn't see anything, and then she tried to yell for help, but then she started to close her eyes slowly... very slowly... then she fainted and died.

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