For a long time, Gary Carlyle ran an illegal sweatshop in the abandoned factory at the edge of the forest, putting innocent children to work. He always eluded the authorities, and paid off the parents of the children to keep quiet about his evil operation.

He thought no one would ever uncover his scheme. He was wrong. There was a creature living in the woods, who watched him. It became more and more enraged at this injustice over the passing months, until it could take no more and decided to take matters into its own hands.

One day, while Mr. Carlyle was in his office counting his ill-gotten money, the door burst open. A tall thin man, taller Mr. Carlyle ever thought a human could possibly be, entered his office. He wore a black suit covered in bright multicolored dots, a red bow-tie, and a black silk hat with a red satin sash and a purple flower stuck in the brim. His eyes were small black dots, and he had no ears, hair, or nose. His hands were black, and tipped with long rake-like claws. His wide mouth was filled with shark-like teeth. He...clearly was not human.

"Wh-what ARE you?! What do you want with me?!" cried Mr. Carlyle, cowering in the corner. The monster continued to approach him, and long tentacle-like appendages, which were tipped with brass ball bells, sprouted out of his back.
"I have many names, Mr. Carlyle. But you may call me Splendorman. I have come to punish you for your crimes."
"N-NO! Stay AWAY from me!"
Splendorman shot one of the inky-black limbs forward, and grabbed the wicked man by his leg. Mr. Carlyle struggled and grabbed onto his desk, but Splendorman was far too strong.


"It's time for you to pay, Mr. Carlyle." Splendorman's head changed shape before Gary's eyes, his mouth opening impossibly wide and his jaw extending. "No! No! NOOOOO!!!!" Gary screamed as Splendorman lifted him toward his welcoming maws.
"I...I'll do anything you want! I'll let the brats go! I'll make an honest living! I won't exploit children again! Just...don't eat me! PLEASE!"
"IT'S TOO LATE, MR. CARLYLE," Splendorman said, his voice now distorted and nightmarish. "YOU MUST SUFFER."

Splendorman shoved Gary into his mouth feet-first with his claws, and started to swallow. The middle-aged, mustachioed man continued to plead and scream even as the Slenderman's throat muscles pushed him down into his stomach.

Splendorman transformed his jaw back to normal. "This is your punishment for making your fortune off the sweat of the brows of children, Mr. Carlyle. I will slowly and painfully digest you over the course of two days."
"No! Let me out! I'll be good!"
"If you really were good, you wouldn't be in my belly."

Splendorman walked out to the production floor, where the children met him with terrified gazes. "Do not be afraid, children. I have come to free you. Mr. Carlyle will never hurt you again." One by one, he teleported them back to their homes with his powers. When all the children were accounted for, he went back to Mr. Carlyle's office, hung his hat and coat up, laid down on the leather sofa, and relaxed. He rubbed his distended belly, and sighed. "Well, Mr. Carlyle, now it's just you and me."

Gary kicked and struggled, but Splendorman didn't feel a thing. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Written by Furbearingbrick
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