I live a life far from ordinary. I used to be a disgusting excuse of a lifeform. I am considered to be an absolute biological abomination. Looking at me could have made one go insane. I was a monster, I fed on an alien chemical, I guess that could have been a contributing to my deformities. My life is a lie, I wish I could make something more out of my life rather than being a lab rat.

I was nothing but a tool of war. The alien bounty hunters created me in hopes that I would aid them in taking over the galaxy. They knew not of what they were doing, as I became much more powerful than they anticipated. They did not know how to handle me properly which led to their demise. I killed many of them, which led them to seal me away in some sort of crypt.

My life was the same, feed on the toxic alien chemicals and sit in the crypt and do nothing. My life was an awful, never-ending nightmare. I wish I could end my existence through the sheer force of my will. Sadly, I could not pull this off. I was tired of being viewed as a biological abomination. I wanted to live life as a regular organism. My life remained awful, until SHE arrived.

This organism decided to pay me a visit one day, or so it seemed. I just sat there in my crypt until I sensed she was not here to visit. She came here to destroy me. Now that I look back on it, I should've let her end my pathetic excuse of an existence. However, I was not ready to die.

I attacked her with all my might. This woman's appearance was far from deceiving. She was ten times stronger than she appeared. Maybe without that dammned suit of hers, she wouldn't have been so powerful. We fought for a long time and in the end she emerged victorious. I was not ready to give up this strife, however.

I shot my gel like tentacle right through her abdomen, penetrating her suit. She tried to fight back, but she was to weak. I ripped that suit right off of her. Or at least I thought. When my tentacle retracted from her abdomen, her previously black suit changed color and became purple. The last thing I recall was her running away from me. I felt something, something strong inside me.

As she left the crypt, I overcame to the strong sense of power within me. I felt a painful shift in my physical form. I felt as if I was shrinking. I became smaller and smaller and smaller. I finally stopped mutating and struggled to pull myself up. My arm shot out from the puddle and I felt a disturbance. My body was no longer as hideous as before.

I pulled myself out entirely from the blue puddle of chemicals. I felt shockingly different. I felt like an entirely new organism. I observed my newly created arms and legs. It appeared to me that I was in a wickedly shaded blue suit of armor. I felt overcome with incredible strength. I started to laugh, I laughed viciously until I was satisfied.

I am no longer a hideous energy sucking mass. I am now an incredibly powerful alien. I felt a wave of emotions hit me. I was so happy that I could now move with ease. In fact, I was levitating! I was floating around with ease!

However, I am not a selfish being. I will track down this woman and give her my most sincere thanks. I will show my appreciation by destroying her with these chemicals inside my body. These chemicals will kill her painfully. I want to enjoy her pain and suffering in all of its glory. I will splash my face with her tears and feed off her pain.

My name is Dark Samus and I will destroy Samus Aran.

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