If you were wondering what happened to equestria in the 1940s, It was rather Mortifying. Equestria was at War with Nazi Germaneigh. Here is what the main characters ancestors were in World War II.

Twilight Storm was a Colt (Male Pony) and was elected to be Prime Minister of Equestria, Gaining Alicorn Powers. He invented the Bouncing Bomb, Similar to Barnes Wallis in WWII, And funded the Dambusters. A Division of the R.A.F, Because of this, he immediately was an Alicorn, He invested Billion of bits when funding the R.A.F.

Prince Astronomica was Prince of Equestria, but had unfortunate Speech Problems. Similar to King George in WWII. He selected Twilight Storm as his Understudy. And wanted him to derive a plan for a weapon. His descendant Abdicated after It was revealed he was dating an already Divorced Sea Pony. similar to Wallis Simpson in Real Life. As Sea Ponies and Wallis were both Hermaphrodites. Therefore, Celestia I, His daughter, ascended to the phrone, and her Great-Great-Great Granddaughter, Celestia IV. Is the ruler of Celestia today with Princess Luna.

Fluttershy I's Parents died in a bombing raid. And she had became a claustrophobic introvert, After being trapped in rubble for 2 days. She cares for injured animals in the war.

Rainbow Dash I Was an Elite Pegasus during WWII, And had Killed 20,000 Luftwaffe. She however is extremely competitive against the Luftwaffe and over Pegasus Pilots.

Rarity I was a fashion designer, trying to use the war as an advantage to get rich. She designed Hundreds of Spandex Suits and Uniforms for the R.A.F. And as such became very rich.

Granny Smith was living in poverty before the war. Thanks to the great depression. She ran the farm for ages, and earned Millions of Bits selling Cider and Apples. She had to have her hip replaced though, after she worked so hard she broke one of her hips.

Pinkie Pie was a member of the army. and became mentally insane after killing 40,000 germans. She was deemed unsafe for the military, so she joined Mr and Mrs Cake, Who had recently had 2 children. One of which would father Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake in the 2010s. Mr and Mrs Cake, Like Rarity, Lived in the Countryside as Bakers and Confectioners. Pinkie Pie used her Hyperactivity and Cheerfulness to survive through the horrors of war. And sang songs like Cupcakes and Smile. She hates to see the sadness of the war. She is the Grandmother of the Current Pinkie Pie.

Salty was a sailor in the Navy, and was the ATC of the Pegasi. Including the Division the Wonderbolts came from, Yellowjacks, Which Spitfire's Grandmother Hurricane was leader of. They however, unlike the wonderbolts, Were a premier fighter division as well as stunt division.

The R.A.F is an elite Division consisting of Millions of Pegasi. And had Stations in Equestria.

Here is their Stations.

R.A.F Clydesdale.

R.A.F Breeze Norton near Canterton.

R.A.F Cantersted.

The Army is also massive, With Millions of Earth Ponies and Unicorns.

The Royal Navy primarily consisted of Seaponies, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies.

And if your wandering how Chrysalis was born, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had a daughter before they died, They forgot to name her, And when they died, An alien parasite went to earth, And Infected the would be daughter, Similar to Venom the Symbiote from Spider-Man, And the daughter named herself Chrysalis, and Became mother of Billions Upon Billions of Changelings. She tried to impress her dead father by attempting to assasinate or incarcerate Princess Cadence and Shining Armour. She failed Miserably. and since Swastika's are unacceptable in Equestria or Germaneigh, Her Cutie Mark were similar to the symbol of the Decepticons. Except more insectoid.

Also, I did not mention this before, but Japan had Unit 731 and used it to torture innocent ponies, they performed lobotomies and other sorts of brain surgery, and also drowned and resuscitated ponies. as a test to see how durable they were. They also lively vivisected them, and many of them were burnt to death screaming. 

Equestria Casualties: 700,000,000

Germaneigh Casualties: 4,000,000,000

Japan Casualties: 200,000,000.

Equestria Military Strength: 800,000,000,000

Germaneigh Military Strength: 100,000,000

Japan Military Strength: 400,000,000

Total Wingpower of R.A.F: 700,000,000,000,000

Total Wingpower of Luftwaffe: 200,000,000,000.

Total Wingpower of Japan: 200,000,000.

And there you have it, a sad end to a war with ponies.

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