You may have seen a lot of video game related creepypasta. Most of them follow a set story, the main character buys a strange cartridge of a game that leads to the cartridge being haunted and the main character's curiosity forces him to play it. This is nothing like those kinds of stories, this story is largely centered around music of a game.

Now, you may of heard of a video game series called Touhou. If you haven't, that's fine, the story will just make a lot less sense. If you have heard of Touhou, you probably have heard of the character Suwako. If you haven't, Suwako Moriya is the goddess of the Moriya Shrine, and is generally lazy about her duties.

I myself am a fan of video games. At school I am known as "That Gamer Guy" who often tries to talk about the latest console or his favourite character. Usually, my Samsung Galaxy Ace is filled up with video game music. Rawrest Forest, Smiles and Tears, though my favourite is probably Native Faith.

Native Faith, for those who don't know, is Suwako's central theme in the Touhou game Mountain of Faith. For whatever reason, I always found the title "Native Faith" to be strange, because it doesn't correspond with Suwako's character. Wriggle's theme, Mooned Insect. Cirno's theme, Beloved Tomboyish Girl. Aya's theme, Wind God Girl. Each song corresponds with their character. But "Native Faith" really doesn't say much about Suwako being a lazy goddess. But anyway, I'm rambling.

It was about two months ago that strange things started happening. I got ready for school, left my house, put in my headphones and started to play Native Faith while walking to the bus stop. As I got on the bus, I felt someone bump in front of me, and I fell down on to the floor as someone fell backwards. I got up and was about to apologize, but no-one was beside me. I figured that the person must have gotten on the bus without me.

"Hurry up over there!" The bus driver yelled, and hurried I did. I sat down and continued to play my music (my headphones must have slipped out when I fell down). The person beside me was sitting still, so I decided not to take notice, and I rode to school without saying a word.

As my stop came in sight, I got out of my seat and looked over at the person sitting next to me, seeing as they never got up. However, once again, no-one was there. Was I seeing things, feeling things? I simply shook my head in confusion and got off the bus. I took out my headphones since you weren't allowed them at school grounds and continued with my day.

Nothing weird happened afterwards. I was starting to think that the song was what made me believe someone was beside me, but I didn't think much of it. School continued as normal and I went home after. Once again, I slipped on my headphones and started to play Native Faith.

I decided not to take the bus and started to walk home. I always walked past a huge wall on my way from school. I didn't even consider it being there usually, I had walked past it so many times. However, I instantly noticed it now.

As I began to take more interest in the music, I heard a small knock on the wall, one a person would make with their fists. I turned around and, once again, no-one was there. I continued walking, and the knocking continued. It was a soft knock, one a sweet old lady will make knocking at your door. However, the knocking made me feel uneasy.

I turned around again. At this point I was assuming it was some kid playing a trick on me, but deep down I knew it wasn't. I took one step forward and-

BANG. The loudest knock I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. It literally rattled my ears, and I had to take a deep breath to calm myself, even then my heart was pounding. The people around me apparently didn't hear it, but how could you not?!

I had no idea what to do, so I started running. And then, a presence was back. A presence of someone, a presence of something. No-one was chasing me, I was sure of it, yet I knew that someone was. As I continued to run, Native Faith kept on playing, but it sounded different. Almost as if the music was starting to distort.

In fact, it was. The music distorted into an unearthly sound. A sound that someone would expect to hear from hell. I couldn't take it, I couldn't listen. I grabbed my earphones out. The presence that I felt faded, and I stood there, heart pounding, for what felt like minutes on end.

That very same day I called someone to look at my phone, since I was sure listening to it caused this. I told them that the music was distorted, being careful not to mention anything about any presences. The man played the audio and it seemed fine. No distortion, and no presences. He gave it back to me and told me to "stop wasting his time." It had been a couple of months since I stopped listening to Native Faith, and started to grow a disinterest to Touhou altogether. I did think of it a couple of times, but not nearly as much as before.

Eventually, I sat down with my laptop and decided to play something. My mind instantly thought Touhou, so I looked around in my Downloads to find any game from the series. Ten Desires, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. I played all of them 24/7.

I decided to load up Mountain of Faith. I wasn't familiar with the game as the others, so I thought it would be fun. I chose Reimu Hakurei and started to play.

The game played out as normal, as I was expecting since such a long time had passed since anything remotely strange happened to me. Reimu was visited by the strange being and started to make her way up Youkai Mountain.

Stage 1 began, but not with its usual music. Instead Native Faith played, and as soon as I recognized it, I stopped playing. I walked away from my laptop and was about to walk out the door when I realized something, and went back to the laptop to see Reimu still moving.

Shizua entered, but instead she spoke a simple phrase "HER SHRINE". Now that was definitely strange. Her shrine? Was she talking about the Moriya Shrine. If so, who's was it, Kanako's or Suwako's?

Reimu played the whole game under no control. Each boss who came onscreen would simply untter "HER SHRINE". Reimu didn't say any of her usual lines either. Instead, she said nothing.

I eventually got to Stage 6, the final stage of the game, and Kanako appeared. However, Kanako's seemingly proud expression didn't resemble her current face. She looked petrified, which was strange, seeing as she is one of the more powerful characters in Touhou.

"HER SHRINE", she said, and started to fire. However, Reimu didn't move. She simply stood still, almost waiting for her death. Kanako fired as normal however, and soon Reimu... died.

It didn't give me a choice to continue, and, surprisingly, moved me on to the Extra Stage. Kanako never appeared. And the audio was, again, Native Faith. However this time it was the distorted version, the same version I heard from the phone.


With that, the laptop completely turned off. I rebooted it, and decided to check the folder the game was located in. Nothing indicating anything happens, no "spooky message left by the demon" that you'd expect.

I still think I dreamt the whole thing.

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