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Let me start off by saying that The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series of all time, and Ocarina of Time is my favorite game in the series. I own every version of OOT, 3D, Master Quest, Virtual Console, except the n64 version. I owned the n64 version at one point but I sold it when the gamecube version came out, thinking it was useless, but I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to purchase a copy on eBay.

I looked for the cheapest option on eBay and I found two games that were cheap enough, a standard edition in decent condition, and a gold cart with the sticker that someone clearly did a poor job of tearing off. So I went with the gold cart because it looked cooler and it arrived in a week or so.

I had played this game countless times so I knew where everything was and in what order to do things, so immediately after beating Jabu-Jabu I headed off to Hyrule Castle to get the Ocarina of Time and become an adult.

Things happened normally, the setting became darker, the drawbridge opened, and Impa and Zelda came riding out of the castle. Zelda looked back at and threw the Ocarina into the river, then things started to become stranger. The first thing I noticed was that Ganondorf didn't come riding out of the castle after Zelda, Zelda rode away and everything just went along normally. I figured it was nothing, just some dust in the cartridge, and dove into the river after the Ocarina.

I came out with it held it up in the air, the screen read, "You found the Ocarina of Time! This instrument was sealed away by the royal family many years ago. It glows with an ominous light". I then went into the Temple of Time and played the song of time and the spiritual stones all lined up and the door opened, but it didn't open at its normal speed, it was much slower with the music slowed down to a demonic rate.

I just thought it was lag and went in picked up the master sword, but the light that surrounded Link wasn't it's normal blue color, it was a dark blackish purple that surrounded him and then the screen cut to black.

Then abruptly the game cut to a shot of Rauru's face. First, Rauru had deep black pools for eyes, no whites, no pupils, there was nothing but black. He said,

"You don't understand what you've done. You've awoken the eight of us. you can't save yourself... he will kill you before the end."

I decided to keep playing, going against every internal instinct I had, but I just had to know what he meant.

So I did everything like I would normally do it, meaning the next step was to go to the forest temple. the temple went along normally, but the sprites for the 4 ghosts were slightly changed, it's hard to explain but they looked more human. They didn't have legs but they had faces, horrible faces. When I walked into the temple they looked at me for a solid minute before splitting 4 ways, just staring at me. Anyone who has played Ocarina of Time that when you get to phantom Ganon (the boss) you have to walk in the room and then try to walk out. When I did this the gate popped up, and Link turned around, and then instead of seeing phantom Ganon... I saw Link.

Only it wasn't like he was looking in a mirror, this Link was hanging from the ceiling, smiling, with those same horrible black eyes. The blue portal that appears after a boss fight was next to him so I walked into it. Then Saria appeared with those same black eyes and no mouth. She only said one thing "Find five more then he'll kill you" then she laughed and gave me the medallion.

I carried on going to the fire temple and everything was normal until I got to the boss room. I walked in and saw Darunia's mangled body in the center of the room with those eyes and a blue portal next to him, When I walked in I went to where Darunia would normally give you the medallion but he wasn't there, but a text box popped up and said,

"Four more then he'll kill you too".

Next was the water temple, at the boss room there was no boss again, but instead a room filled with dead Zoras and Ruto standing next to a portal and smiling with black eyes, I walked in the portal and Ruto said,

"He made me do it, find three more and you'll get to meet him".

At the boss room of the shadow temple I dropped down into the pit and on to the drum where you would fight Bongo Bongo but when I hit the drum I died. But the game over screen didn't come up it just stayed on my dead body until I turned the game off, when I turned it back on it was Impa's face with black eyes and she said,

"Two more".

When I got to the boss room of the spirit temple it went through the cutscene of Kotake and Koume sending Nabooru as an iron knuckle after me, but they never said a word and they had those horrible black eyes. When I was done fighting Nabooru, the armor fell off and she fell to the ground, dead, with a blue portal next to her so I walked in it. She wasn’t there to give me the medallion, but there was a text box that read,

“Only one left, then you’ll die”.

Next I went to the temple of time. Sheik came transformed into Zelda, the light arrows fell from the sky, but she only said one thing, "He's coming". Then she disappeared, there was a scream, and the game cut to black. Then I was in the same place you meet the sages after you finish a temple except there was someone new standing there.

A person shrouded in black with a round white head, black hair, and giant black eyes. He said only one word, "Die". The game cut to black there was a scream and when it came back it was Link's dead body in the center of the temple of time with no game over screen. I turned the game off and when I turned it back on my save file was gone and there was a new one called 'RUN'.

I thought I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye but I couldn’t bring myself to look. So I did what anyone would do, I ran. I waited a while and finally went back in my house and when I came back, the console was still on and ‘he will kill you before the end’ was written on the cartridge in red. So I slapped a new sticker on the cartridge and sold it on eBay. It’s still out there somewhere, but I have no idea where.

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