We as human beings are at the pinnacle of evolution.

We are above the other animals, we have perfected their flaws through thousands of years of natural selection, we have arrived at the top of the food chain.

We have power. Power to play with the lesser beings. Power to subjugate them to our will. Power to give life and sustenance. Power to kill.

There is no question, then, when it comes to what we must do: Govern and look after the less civil inhabitants of earth.

Some we raise, feed and herd, to be slaughtered by the hundreds as they mature.

This isn’t meaningless, though. We eat most of them. Sometimes we wear their skin. Their meat gives us nutrition. Their skin keeps us warm. Their deaths are for a good cause. After all, it was for us. For we are better.

Some of them we commit to the advancement of our technology, to the noble field of science and research. Research on topics such as radiology and medicine.

Research imperative to our well being. Many die, yes. But it’s all for us. The other species are inferior, and should thus be treated so.

Their survival is not as important as ours and if they should die for the betterment of our race, then so be it. If they have to suffer so that we can improve our way of life, then so be it. It’s all for a good cause.

After all, we as human beings are at the pinnacle of evolution.

For now.

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