As a child I seemed to have such an attraction to Pokemon games and well, anything to do with Pokemon: Cards, TV show and the games especially the old ones. I don't know why, but I just love the old classic versions, like red and blue.

So one day I heard that my friend was selling his Pokemon red game so I thought I might see if I can get a good deal on it, so I got the game for 2 pounds, great! I went home and plugged it into my DS lite and began the game.

So I started by naming my character Red because that's the characters actual name and I couldn't think of anything better. So when I started I got my Pokemon which was a squirtle and I got the option further in the game to rename my Pokemon so I named it James after my dog.

After about a week, I got James to level 37 and I also got a few other Pokemon but my main one is obviously James. As he's the highest level, but after I got my James to level 37 I just started to get bored and I left the game alone for a few weeks. I worked the social life and after the few weeks, I found the cartridge in my DS lite.

I had some spare time, so I proceeded to start up the game once more. For some reason, the title screen appeared to not be in its normal condition. Charizard was gone and I could see some red eyes in the background. I thought it was a little odd so I just restarted the game because I thought that would work, but it didn't.

I just went and loaded up my save but I spawned in the first town and most of my Pokemon have fainted so I went into the mothers house and went to see if she could heal them, but when I entered the house I was forced out by the mother with a text box stating:

"Stay away from me, or Oliver will get you."

I thought to myself, "OK... She's crazy."

I went over to the first town with the first gym but as I was making my way towards the town, I kept on seeing an odd figure stalking my character.

I ignored this figure and carried on my journey to Pewter City, but as I reached my destination I couldn't find any of the towns folk, it's as if their hiding... or possibly dead. I walked into one of homes and found a little girl dead in her bed. I began to wonder if the game was hacked, so I called my friend and asked if he'd hacked the game.

He said no, but it sounded as though he was frightened. I was stumped. As I proceeded to play onwards with the game, after leaving the home I was greeted by a man who stated I killed his daughter. I heard some realistic cries coming from the DS lite and he was watching me when ever I walked near him. I had no idea what to do other than go and see the gym leader, but instead of Brock being there, all I could see was a dark, demonic figure standing as Brock's sprite.

I was terrified I didn't bother talking to this figure, so I did what I thought I should do and leave the town, but whole walking out of the town and entering the new route I was being stalked by the same sprite that was in the gym.

As I proceed on my walk its as if my character was getting slower and the shadow sprite was getting closer, at this time I was mashing my buttons on the DS trying to go faster but as he touched me. I somehow teleported back to the first town. I remembered what happened with the mother, so I decided to not bother going in the house. So I just walked around but the figure kept on running past my character as I'm walking, bearing in mind the running shoes have been taken off my person. So I couldn't catch up with it, I just kept on running.

I was starting to get freaked out, so I put the DS down and left it there for a couple of minutes, but when I came back I heard some noises coming from the DS as if my character was crying. I ran to my DS to witness what was going on, and I could see this figure, close to my character, staring at him. Why was he crying? His cries were getting louder and louder. I walked towards the shadow figure to talk to it, to see what's going on. I mean what's the worst that could happen.

A text box appeared stating:

"What have you been told?"

"You should of never left."

Okay, by now I realized that this wasn't a hack. He wasn't moving after this, he just, froze. I tried talking to him again and he replied with "Stay away!"

I don't know why but I couldn't stop laughing at what happened so I kept on talking to him, but this one time he said, "Why didn't you listen?" and teleported me to a cave. It was dark, I guessed it was the cave that you needed flash for, but there wasn't an exit. I didn't have flash, so I was walking around until I reached this post saying:

"Oliver will get you."

I didn't know who Oliver was, guessing the shadow figure was Oliver I looked around for an exit but then these, glowing circles just appeared. I walked into them, because I'm just that smart, as I reached these glowing circles, presumably eyes. I got placed into battle, with no-one while battling I had my Pokemon but this person or thing didn't have any other than "decay". I attacked this thing and it missed but my Pokemon got a recoil and my Pokemon started to decay and slowly die.

This battle ended after James's death but I didn't re-spawn In a poke-centre instead I re-spawned in my mother's house. She was laying, dead, on the floor with her hands sliced off, eyes gouged out and with her hair ripped out and scattered all over the floor.

I was sick, this was horrific. I checked to see if my James was okay, instead of a level 37 squirtle. There was a squirtle, with no eyes and the skin on its face, had been tore off and it's legs and arms broken. I couldn't bear to look at this, so I exited the Pokemon screen and left the house. Outside was a ton of dead bodies scattered all over the floor and even one on the roof, with the same treatment as the mother and in the centre was Oliver. Staring at my character as usual I couldn't move my character was just frozen. My character bent down on his knees and started to cry.

Oliver was walking towards me and proceeded to stab my character several times, each hit my character would cry and scream as a mixture of sounds were played through the DS but getting louder as he hit me with a swing of his blade. My character died, and Oliver face me and a text box appeared stating:

"You're next." I switched off my DS and went to sleep.

It was hard considering what I saw, but I fell asleep in the end. I was awakened by my dog yelping very loud, so me and my family went down stairs, to see what had happened. Sadly, James had died with a note in its collar saying, "I told you so."

I was on my knees crying, I couldn't pull myself together. I was holding my dog tight to me, but then I noticed its eyes were missing and it's legs and arms were broken.

Let's just say I never played Pokemon ever again.

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