File:Rust wave by enyril-d5i3rgq.jpg
When I was child, me and my mother went shopping to find a birthday present for my brother. We went around many video game stores since my brother is a huge gamer and we eventually found a N64 game that had Japanese text in the title and "Makers" next to it. The game had a girl with green hair wearing a metal suit on the cover and a label saying 10/10 from a company called Eranim so we assumed it was a really good game so we bought it for him. Once we got home we tested it to see what it was like before wrapping it up, but we couldn't get the game to work no matter what we did. Since we were running out of time we rushed outside to get him another game and we eventually got Rayman 2.

Nine years had passed and I was packing my things to move out and I found and I came across the game again and I decided to bring it with me to see if my friend could fix it. After moving in with my friend I asked him to see if he could do anything, he got out a screwdriver and took the plastic shell off to find a dead spider stuck on the circuit board. We peeled the spider off, cleaned the board and put the shell back on. My friend then had to go to the bathroom but since ours was blocked he had to go to the gas station across the street.

While he was gone I tested the game to see if it would work now, and to my surprise it started up on the title screen. There was a voice saying some gibberish like  "Jikan appu" I made a new file and started to play. I was playing as the girl on the cover of the game and her only ability other than jumping was grabbing and throwing objects and enemies. For every level I beat, the sprite of the girl would slightly change. It looked like her skin and suit was going rusty. I just assumed that I was looking at it wrong and it was something other than rust but I couldn't find out since the whole game appeared to be in Japanese and I had no idea what the story was. When I beat the first boss a cut scene would happen of an old man in a lab coat creeping up on the girl while she was in a victory dance, then the next world started. By this point I was very confused and just thought that would of made sense if I knew the story of the game. Once I beat the second boss, the same cut scene would happen except the old man would be a little closer. This kept happening until I eventually beat the fifth boss, by this point the girl was completely covered in the rust and the old man finally got to the girl. When this happened the screen turned black and a  the sound of something being cracked. I was very disturbed by this point and was worried what was going to happen. The screen stayed black for about 40 seconds and when it came back on, the old man was on the floor with a distorted and mangled neck, but the girl was standing still in the background walking off into the distance. And then a boss battle started out of nowhere against a giant spider. The music was nothing but the voice at the title screen saying "Jikan appu" over and over again. No matter what I did, I couldn't figure out how to damage the spider, it was too big to grab and there was nothing in the room to throw at it but all of the spider's attacks were very easy to avoid.

After a few minutes I got frustrated and decided to take a break for a while. To my shock I realised I had been playing the game for 3 hours and that my friend hadn't come back from the gas station. I was worried and went out to look for him, there was police tape all around the station and I was panicking at this point and I asked the police what happened and they said he was found in the bathroom with a broken neck.

I was horrified and went back home in the warm. My brother came to comfort me and after a few hours he went home. I while still in shock of this happening and decided to go to sleep, I was getting under my blanket when I realised that I left my Nintendo 64 on. I went to switch it off but instead of it being paused, it was on the game over screen with the girl with her chest ripped open having wires hanging out, saying "He has now met our makers"

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