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Remember that old Disney show Out of the Box? Without the Disney script, that reality had a, much darker and saddening side. In real life, the setting was in one of the lower class diverse neighborhoods in Detroit, which was known for drug wars and gang violence. This explained the deficient of Caucasian children.

One of the hosts, Tony, was actually a 32 year old named TJ Dawson who had affiliations with Young Boys Inc., The Chambers Brothers, and former members of Errol Flynns. His main focus was to recruit young boys as a part of drug cartel. Vivian Bayubay was actually a Filipino prostitute immigrant who had a tendency to rip off her clients. She met Tony a few years back on a shady street in Atlantic City. Both of them need a fast and easy way to get money, so they came up with the child concept and moved to Detroit to set up operations.

The two rented a friend's house in a "family" populated neighborhood. The majority of the neighborhood was drug addicted, crack baby, high school drop out single parent families. Some kids were raised by their grandparents because the parents were either deadbeats on the streets, in prison, or dead. Tony and Viv saw this as the perfect opportunity because people like that were always looking for help or a second chance.

The Box Opens

The two started by building a structure in the backyard out of junk from a garbage dump, and many cardboard boxes. They dedicated that and the idea from "thinking outside the box". To draw children in Tony and Viv robbed garages of bright paint and used it to decorate the building they now called a makeshift drug lab.

Once everything was complete, the two went to spread the word about this new Afterschool club the two ran. They said it was like YMCA and Boys & Girls Club, but with no fees. The children would spend time with Tony and Viv, then return home within a few hours. All the parents and guardians weren't hesistant and immediately sent their kids off with the adults. Little did they know what the sad reality of all it was. In the scripted corporated Disney plot, the kids would go in the clubhouse, sing, play, do art, then get taken back home.

In real life, about 4 kids were taken into the drug lab every few hours. The lab could only accommodate two adults and four children, so Tony and Viv swapped out every once in a while. With the kids, they would be forced to do many drugs such as Vicadin, inhale glue, crack, heroin and black tar, nitrus oxide, PCP, Adderall, DMT, oxycontin and meth to keep them too numbed to escape or to focus them on their work. Many of the times the cocktailed use of the drugs would induce vivid hallucinations. Tony and Viv would say "Use your imagination" and sing to enhance the hallucinations, and the children would hallucinate having fun in a colorful playhouse with slides, puppets, dress-up, and sing-a-longs. Afterward would start the arts & crafts, which in real life was handling the drugs. The children were in immense conditions to purify cocaine, prep marijuana for sale, and work with raw opium to refine it to base morphine, or even carry on to have it has heroin.

The fact that Tony and Viv already talked to the children in a creepy but pretentious tone to be nice to them and take advantage of them was enough, but at times they went too far with the advantage. Some of the girls in the lab were sadly abused sexually. In one incident caught by a former "box child" as they're referred to, he says one of his close friends was raped by Tony. Recall the episode "Camping Out" and one segment shows where the children are in a tent while Tony tells them the story of Little Red Riding Hood. That was the drug hallucination. The reality of it was three children and Tony were under a stained white tarp.

He was raping a seven year old girl to show what would happen if a little girl was really walking around alone. The cries and screams were loud but not loud enough to have anyone call the police. The girls injuries were so bad that she died a few days later from blood loss and infection. The injuries were: a snapped hymen, bruises on the arms and torso, bruises on the genitalia, ripped tissue, severe blood loss, and during the rape Tony ripped through the cervix, causing a severe infection and pain beyond belief. The girl, who we'll call Jill, was one of the first children to die in the drug lab. Her body was never discovered as it was buried 6 feet under before the demolition.

Only three other children died, but it was from drug overdose. After the few hours, the children were taken home. Although sometimes they were taken downtown where, the boys would sell the drugs, as the cops wouldn't be suspicious of mere children. The girls however... were stuck in child prostitution. Packed Up and Sealed TightEdit

After downtown then the kids were taken home, and not a word of it was reported for six years. it was either because the kids were so ashamed about being violated, or they were so drugged up that they couldn't form a proper sentence for a few days. That's how long the onslaught occurred. The reign of hell with the sweet, innocent virgin children being drugged up and put to labor for two sick masterminds lasted for far too long!

In 2004 one former box child who survived an amphetamine overdose tipped off to the police about the illegal drug cartel. It wasn't long before Tony and Viv found out. When they did, they disassembled the drug lab, which wasn't hard because it was made up of boxes. They gathered the remaining drugs, stole a car, and drove away, never to return.

To this very day they haven't been seen for almost 10 years. For Detroit, it was so long, farewell, to all of their friends. So long to the easy drug money, goodbye to the free child labor and abuse. But they would never, ever meet again.

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