Plants vs Zombies. One of my favorite mobile and PC games. But let me tell you this pasta about my friend who died because of this. His older brother told me the story.

File:Plants Vs Zombies, 45 flags.jpg

My Friend's ExperienceEdit

My friend (let's just call him John) and his older brother went out to the nearest gaming store they could find in Florida. They searched for PC games, and eventually John spotted a Plants vs Zombies disc in mint condition. His brother saw there was the PVZ cover. The clerk, acting a little nervous, was given the $15 and the two went home. John and his brother went to John's computer, put the blank disc with "PVZ.exe" written on, and started. Unfortunately, the computer could not read the disc.

John said, "Awww, man." and his brother took out the disc, and put it back. As the computer was reading the disc, the wallpaper turned to a Peashooter throwing Blood to a Zombie. As they installed the game, it instantly started itself.

On the title screen, the brothers could see the Zombies' heads falling off as the plants were shooting. His brother could feel nervousness, but John didn't care. The main menu appeared, and John's name could be seen on the "Welcome" screen. The older brother thought, "Why is John's name right there whereas he didn't even typed in it?"

When he clicked Start, the usual "hand appearing and laughing" didn't show up. Instead, they heard a distorted laugh. The Popcap games Presents appeared, after it became "PVZ.exe" with blood written all over it.

John's house was instead John's Grave, and there were no zombies. What freaked out the older brother was all the plants were there, yes, ALL of them. There were only 7 slots, and John picked the Sunflower, Squash, Bonk Choy(PVZ2), Repeater(my favorite plant), Cabbage-pult, Garlic and Tall-nut. The Sunflower's expression looked sad and upset. Then he started off with 666 sun, and no matter how he buy plants, it always stays there. John saw this as a hack.

The game started with the zombies proclaiming, "Zombies are coming", but instead of brains, they say "John", "John". Did the zombies actually try to get John? The older brother advised John to quit the game after this level, to which John disagrees. John planted a Repeater and it started shooting peas, when the zombie was shit for the 10th time, things got strange.

The zombie's head came off, and blood leaked out of it. John now reluctantly agrees to his brother's advice, but the screen flashed and turned into Mario's and Sonic's heads in a zombie's mouth.

After 20 seconds, the game wrote words saying, "John, we're going to eat your brains."

Before it instantly showed a Peashooter's head, looking directly at John. The face was red instead of green, it's eyes were angry, unlike the Repeater's, and it shot a pea to John through the screen, killing him instantly. The older brother unplugged the computer and yelled to his parents.

The three carried John to the hospital, and the brother carried his cellphone with him, which showed "John has suffered" on the screen (he has an iPhone).

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