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Do you believe in God? Most importantly, do you believe in life after death? If you do, then are you ever imagining about Paradise, Heaven, or whatever you call it? If you haven't, then close your eyes and imagine how beautiful a paradise or heaven is. But what if someone ever mentions a place called Hell? Does your imagination break and awaken you from the dream before? If so, I have experienced everything above, and I regret it. Do you want to know why, why I regret dreaming about something as pretty as the paradise? It’s not about the mention of hell, but the paradise itself was something like this.

The storyEdit

Darkness. There was darkness all around me. What is this? Aren't I supposed to be in a beautiful place? Why is it all dark?

"You are now in the paradise, my child."

A strange voice came to my ears. I shivered and screamed, "Who are you?"

"There is no need to be scared like that, my child."

The voice came again. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a vast expanse of desert. I was frightened, yet managed to ask, "Is this the paradise?"

"Yes, my child, yes it is," He replied "But..."

Just before I said the next word, a man suddenly appeared behind my back, tapping my shoulder, making me shiver and turn around.

"I know what you are thinking child - we are in paradise, but it is not as beautiful and peaceful as you imagined."

He said in a voice full of pain, "You see my child, I created heaven, earth, and hell only as an experiment. As you know, experiments sometimes fail. Paradise is my failed experiment. I was trying to create a place where anyone, despite who they are, could be happy without even having to walk, and I failed to do so."

I stared at his eyes. there were no lies - all that he said was truth, and not a sweet truth.

"Because of that failure, I am ashamed of myself, and to cover everything that I failed, I created another place that I called Paradise too. People have to work and try to reach it before entering it. The second paradise is a secret place, and I won't let anyone come in before the clock has reached its end."

I woke up in a cold sweat. I had the best dream as well as the worst. The next day I found myself floating, and I could see my own body in the bed.

I am dead, and I do not regret it.

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