Kitty Cat

You know, most people get more attached to their pets than they ever did with their friends or family. They feel like they can tell their cat or dog or rat or lizard or whatever the hell they feel comfortable keeping in their house. For the most part, they're right, but when it comes to cats, they couldn't be any more wrong.

The instant you tell these beasts anything about your life, you feel better about it, do you not? You feel like just telling another living thing about it makes it easier to handle. It feels so great to get it off your chest, but you don't feel like you can tell a single human about it. They use this to their advantage. They learn about your life, study you.

It is said that people start acting like their cats after years of having them. That is more than incorrect. Cats start actuing like their owners. They also take on slight human features. They have to prepare themselves for the full transformation. In the middle of the night, when you're asleep and your cat is lying there, watching you rest deeper than ever before. That's when they strike. From everything you've told them, they've learned how to act like you, how to be you. You should've been practicing too.

If you ever find that one of your friend's cats is acting weird, meowing more than normal, run through a few tests. Because they've been felines most of their life, they will almost always hang on to old routines. Try shining a laser light randomly, see if, just for a second, their face fills with joy.

"Meow... Meow... Meow..."


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