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I've played multiple generations of pokemon games since I was about 3. I admit I used to suck catastrophically at pokemon red (more in yellow) and I don't remember much about how I used to play and what I did, but I do remember my first visit to lavender town, the place scared the crap out of me and I used to turn off the volume whenever I was in lavender town.

I never did beat the elite 4 in that game because I was probably too young to know what on earth I was meant to do besides level up by fighting level 3s with a level 50. I got pokemon crystal for the game boy color and I became good at the game, My Feralligator was level 100 in about 2 weeks. Now some of you may know that Pokemon crystal/silver/gold has the Alph ruins, the unown and the weird creepy radio music in that area, that surprisingly never got to me.

Crystal became an obsession of mine for a few years until around I was 7 when I got Pokemon Leaf Green for my Game boy advance SP, I played that game for about 190 hours total. I still was terrified of lavender town though.

years later I was 13 and played a lot of stuff like call of duty and assassin's creed, but I found my old game boy advance with Pokemon Leaf Green in it. I felt like playing it because my mind was filling with nostalgia. I started up the game and sadly had to delete my old file which had 200 hours of play time on it and I had several level 100s.

I called my character "Groose" and my rival "Gary" (copying an epic video on YouTube showing Groose from zelda wrestling Gary the rival in Pokemon) I always chose charmander as my starter because he turned into Charizard, but this time I decided to pick squirtle and for the lolz, I named him "WILLYWONKA”, I then caught a few weak level 3s in the wild, I caught a Pidgey which I called “BIRDY” and I caught a caterpie which I called “CATERPILLA” I blasted through the first Gym and then was faced with the stupid nightmare of getting passed Mt. Moon. I caught a Zubat who I named “EL BATO”. I evolved “CATERPILLA” into an awkwardly named Butterfree and “WILLYWONKA” was a wartortle by now.

After I got out of the endless tunnel, I caught a sandshrew in the grass next to Azure city (I swear that place was called cerulean city or something) So anyway I named sandshrew “SLASHY” knowing that he would evolve into Sandslash. From there the game seemed perfectly normal, I caught some random things just for the pokedex, So I finally escaped from rock tunnel (the dark, terrible twin of Mt. Moon) and went into Lavender town, I didn’t spend much time here and I went straight to Celadon city and decided to get Eevee from the guy on the top of the building, I kept its name Eevee because he was rare.

Now because I chose Squirtle in the beginning, Gary chose Bulbasaur, this meant I needed a fire type pokemon, knowing Eevee can evolve into a fire pokemon I immediately bought a fire stone from the department store and turned Eevee into Flareon. It all happened from there.

Flareon didn’t have any fiery moves so I was stuck with quick attack and three crappy useless buff moves. I was hoping he would learn flamethrower or something after several levels, but no. Flareon learnt bite at level 32. His bite move seemed a little weird, it one-shotted almost everything, in fact it did too much damage and one-shotted everyone, except the ghost and psychic types which should have worked extra well on them, but it said “It’s super effective” and it took out about a tenth of the enemy’s health instead of killing them.

He also seemed to level up too quickly; in merely an hour or two he went from level 25 to level 38. I thought I was just lucky to get such a strong pokemon at this point in the game, not after what happened next.

I decided to go to Fuchsia City to catch a Ryhorn and a Dratini, on the way there were lots of annoying trainers which were all easily defeated by Flareon’s bite. Flareon started running out of PP but something happened when I only had 5 PP left, I started a battle with a trainer but when I sent out Flareon into battle, but instead of seeing the back of his sprite facing the enemy pokemon, but no IT WAS SHOWING THE FRONT OF HIS SPRITE LOOKING AT ME! But after a few seconds he looked back at the enemy and the battle proceeded as normal.

Like usual I used bite to one-shot the opponent’s pokemon but after the battle it showed the evolution screen with Flareon evolving, but wait; I don’t remember Flareon evolving into anything, he’s meant to remain as he is. But this evolution screen was different, it didn’t play he evolution theme, just silence, and instead of turning into another pokemon, The Flareon sprite’s mouth GOT BLOODY!

I then moved on to another trainer, when the fight started, Flareon was looking at the screen again, only this time he had that bloody mouth. Now you’re probably thinking how I felt at the time, I was more confused than scared; I didn’t know what was happening and I started to actually think it was cool. So I was still in the middle of the battle only Flareon had a bloody mouth, I used Bite again to defeat them. After the fight it showed the evolution screen with Flareon’s mouth getting even bloodier and the blood began to spread onto the rest of his face.

I began to ask myself things, is this what happens after you start a new game after finishing it once, is this an old beta version? That would explain the different name for cerulean city. But I had no idea.

The bloody evolution thing happened 3 more times until I was out of PP. So I began using “El bato” who was now a golbat, I eventually reached Fuchsia city and healed up at a pokemon center, then I went to fight the gym before going to the safari zone. Fuchsia city’s gym is the one with the invisible walls that were still obviously visible. I decided to keep using my Golbat because he wasn’t a very high level. Some of you may know that after level 22 Golbat turns into Crobat if he likes you enough, I guess he just didn’t like me (or the crappy, stupid and unthought-of name I gave him) So after about leveling up 5 times and became level 30, he actually evolved, but it wasn’t Crobat.Some of you may remember that creepy Golbat from 1st Gen, he turned into exactly that.

Was this the unused sprite of his in the beta beta version? This game was a remake of 1st gen I’m pretty sure, so it’s logical to have considered using this sprite in Leaf green.

What also disturbed me was that his name changed, it changed to: “HauntScream” and his cry sounded dramatically different, it sounded like a high pitched scream of suffering or terror from a scary movie or something perfectly created by the game boy advance’s sound capabilities, the first time I heard the scream, I literally gasped and dropped my game boy advance (luckily onto my bed) I thought to myself “this is a sick joke, some sick guy hacked this game or something; this is nothing like creepy black! That stuff is all fake! ” Then it said: “HauntScream is trying to learn FEAR but HauntScream already knows 4 moves, delete a move to make room for FEAR? Yes/No?) curious, I chose yes and deleted astonish, but first I checked what FEAR’s description was.

File:Golbat s sprite from Gen 1 always scared the out 85fb3e963e113fdfb838f4e700d1120a.png

FEAR was a ghost type move that said in the description: 01000101 01001110 01000100 00100000 01001001 01010100 00100000 01000001 01001100 01001100. This was definitely Binary code but I didn’t know what it meant. I then moved on to take on another trainer, when I sent out HauntScream, he did his awful screaming noise but his sprite acted perfectly normal. At this point I actually wasn’t scared anymore having remembered that that during the Christmas when I was seven, I got a different game, not leaf green, however it was for the PAL version of the Game boy advance (I got mine in America so I had the NTSC) We took the game to the store and traded it for a USED pokemon leaf green, so it may have actually been hacked.

So I was in a battle with my HauntScream fighting a Drowzee or something, I decided to see what FEAR did, when I used it, I heard a laughing sound that sounded a little 8-bit for the GBA and then the animations for random attacks such as cut, slash and random fight moves before the Ghost sprite appeared in the place of HauntScream before in he went back to normal, then I heard that loud high pitched noise when you finish a race in Mario kart super circuit the noise was so loud that I slammed the volume off, but as the sound played, I saw the Drowzee’s health just went down at an insane speed and before I knew it, “Foe Drowzee fainted” I had won the battle. I can honestly say I was a bit concerned if this really was a hack, but it couldn’t have been anything else.

I decided to check my Pokemon for whatever reason, I felt a little better seeing the ridiculous names I had for my other Pokemon, “WILLYWONKA” “BIRDY” “SLASHY” I was curious about this HauntScream thing, but then I remembered what happened with Flareon, I still have no clue what the bloody mouth thing was about, but it didn’t feel as evil as this HauntScream thing.

I moved onto the next trainer, as soon as the battle started and I threw HauntScream’s pokeball, he didn’t appear and it said in the text box “HauntScream was gone… use next pokemon?” I decided to use Flareon, earlier I mentioned Flareon’s super effective hits on psychic and ghost types were somehow less effective than attacks dealing normal damage to pokemon.

When I sent out Flareon, the enemy sent out Hypno and something truly unnerving happened; as soon as Hypno appeared it began playing that lavender town theme and it said in the text box: “HYPNO: You will never see the light” and the battle began, I used bite but it didn’t one-shot him, it only took out about a 5th of his health, then it showed in the text: “HYPNO: You can’t hide…” and he used dream eater, but it failed, then Flareon did something I wouldn’t expect: “Flareon: I don’t have to…” and it was my turn again, I used Quick Attack and it fainted Hypno. But Hypno said “He will be back for you” before the trainer paid me and ended the battle. Now I didn’t understand what that meant, but I was thinking maybe whoever this hacker guy who did this maybe had a story of his own in this hack.

Speaking of hacks, I remembered my Gameshark; I paused my game and fished the gameshark out of a box in my basement and began checking out cheats for pokemon leaf green, I never liked the cheats for stuff like infinite health and full pokedex, it’s too cheaty, I liked the ridiculous ones like fake pokemon I had to work super hard and modify my gameshark to get, such as Chuck Norris, yes I have a Chuck Norris Pokemon hack which had custom moves and everything, one of my most proud creations. I know this is a little off topic, but I needed a little bit of a funny break from this creepy hack (I seriously hoped it was a hack)

So I decided to get Chuck Norris into the game just to make everything funnier and happier, it helped a bit. Chuck had infinite health; he only had one move which was roundhouse kick, a move that one-shotted anything.

So I started up the game and was back at the pokemon gym in Fuchsia, HauntScream was missing still, Flareon’s mouth was no longer bloody and Chuck Norris was in HauntScream’s place with 999 health.

I moved onto the next trainer (this was the last one before Koga) he released Koffing, I sent Chuck, although fight moves aren’t effective against poison, I used roundhouse kick and 

Koffing was owned instantly, this felt a bit too cheap so I swapped for Flareon, Flareon just used bite for the rest of the fight and I won. The next fight was up against the gym leader Koga, he had some weak things like koffing and drowzee, but his last pokemon was a level 100 DRAGONITE!!!

This was not fair, I needed to use Chuck Norris, but he was GONE! All I had was a level 45 Blastoise, a level 42 Pidgeot, and a level 44 Flareon, I sent out pidgeot first, I used fly but he used gust and one shotted me, I used Blastoise next, I used water pulse, he tried to use dragon rage but he missed by pure chance and my water pulse did about 10% damage on him, next he used twister and one-shotted me, I sent out Flareon, he started by looking at the screen at me and then turned to fight dragonite, I used Bite and it took him down to about a sliver of health left when everything went down, the lavender town theme began playing backwards, and if you haven’t heard it, you might as well listen to it while reading this, the lavender town theme backwards is more than unsettling to most people.

I was honestly terrified, I was not expecting it, and it was loud, somewhere in that horrible mess of sounds, I heard the loud screaming noise and the Dragonite sprite became all horrible and pixelated, as if it had exploded, the sprite’s pixels flew everywhere and where it was standing once, is now HauntScream, yes, he had returned, Now I honestly don’t know if all this really was planned out, by the hacker or whoever, this seemed too much like a final boss battle than my 5th/6th gym, but I wasn’t thinking about that at the time.

File:Gba pokemon white hand sprite by demon gehog-d5icdvj.png

HauntScream said in the text, I am the shadows you see moving in the corners of your room at night, I am what you hear in the walls as you lay in bed, I am 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100111 01110010 01100001 01110110 01100101. And after saying that, he fully healed, I used bite and as Flareon used bite, his mouth became red once again, HauntScream used FEAR and I got owned, but I saw a different sprite replacing HauntScream when the ghost was meant to appear, I saw a horrible hand-like THING appear, now that I think of it, I’ve seen that exact sprite in a scary story somewhere, because I was able to find a picture of it on Google images.

The game said “Groose whited out” and I reappeared the pokecenter, except it was disturbingly still playing that horrible backwards lavender town theme, I exited the building to find myself at the cinnabar island, but it was still playing the backwards lavender town theme, I checked my pokemon and I saw everyone was perfectly fine now, I unpaused the game only to find that my character was controlling itself and walked over to the water, “WILLYWONKA used Surf!” and it automatically was swimming up and down, eventually a battle started and It said: “Wild MISSINGNO. Appeared!” but I didn’t send out any pokemon, I could use: Ball, Rock or Bait, just like in the safari zone, the messy pixelated thing appeared and all I had to do was use the Ball once and I caught him.

But then it said “Missigno.’s data has been added to the pokedex, that didn’t make sense, I don’t think Missingno. Is even meant to be in Leaf Green, so I checked my pokedex and sure enough I found his data as no. 1000. I checked it but the screen went black, the haunter sprite JUMPSCARED me and the screen came back making the horrible screaming noise, it was not showing the Missingno data, it was showing HauntScream’s picture and data, it said in the description: “PALET TOWN WILL BE BURIED ALIVE” This scared me, I read a story called pokemon buried alive (credit to author) I used FLY with BIRDY to get to Pallet town and when I got there, I was sickened, corpses of random people and the red ground, the graphics seemed to be better here just to show the sick gore!

I went into my house to find it empty, I went upstairs to my room but it was pitch black so I just went back to the bloody streets, I went to Gary’s house and found him hanging from the ceiling. I went to prof. oak’s place to find a weird NPC in there, I talked to him only to be greeted with “HauntScream would like to battle” and the epic battle elite 4 music began playing and the creepy Golbat sprite was there, I only just realized I had a level 166 MISSINGNO. I sent out my Blastoise and managed to chip off a tiny amount of health before being one-shotted. I then sent birdy only to be one-shotted once again. I sent out MISSINGNO and used Sky attack which actually one-shotted HauntScream, but I half expected what happened next.

The golbat’s sprite broke apart and beneath was the BURIED ALIVE SPRITE! He was level 299 and actually had the name “Buried Alive” I sent out Flareon and as I did, the text box said: “HauntScream: Now you see me, but I feel as if you knew what I looked like already, I’ve watched you at night for 6 years now, I was meaning to kill you one day…” but then it said “FLAREON: No.” and I used bite, it took a half of his health off but then he used a hyper potion to fully restore, I used bite once again, this time with a critical hit and took him down to 25% health, he used water gun and brought me down to 10%, I swapped out for MISSINGNO but for whatever reason I got the first turn, I Fainted Buried alive instantly with sky-attack and it said “HAUNTSCREAM: NOOO!” and the screen faded to black.

God, it’s been weeks since the whole thing happened, I am hoping that is was a hack and not an actual paranormal event, but honestly, my house has been a lot easier to sleep in, much less noises at night, a lot less illusions in the shadows of the darkness at night.

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