Polybius. That haunted arcade game from 1981 in Portland Oregon.

It sounded familiar, but it's really foggy.

Maybe all my anger issues and stuff come from this. Side effects caused by a game I feel I once played but was erased from my memory only slightly.


Polybius - The History

Polybius is introduced into the arcades in 1981. It is said to have different forms. Space shooter, shooter, maze, maze shooter.... So.. many different gamemodes!

It was developed by ... well there are many theories. One is that Atari made it for the Cia's MK Ultra.

Another is that Shigeru Miyamoto made it.  It was a maze shooter where you had to react in the correct way to the enemies.

Another and the most conclusive one is that it was developed by a company called "Sinneslochen". A bad-translation for "sense-deletion".

Polybius comes in here. The game became popular. Fights broke out. Strange side effects recorded. Months later they all disappear.

Then one reappears and then it disappears.

Then another, but "THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT". It wasn't a Skeleton though, it was some cheap guy standing on a strobe-light with a Chewbacca mask.

My Story of Polybius

I saw Polybius on YouTube by the video "Creepy Gaming : Polybius : Real, or Fake? S2E2" by "TheStickyPaddle".  I thought it was some Portal - related thing or something like Portal. I was off.

Later, when I saw the Cabinet. I looked at the title, thinking "Galaga" or "Space Shooter" or "Oh yeah that one space shooter" or whatever. It was familiar.

I kind of found myself obsessed with finding all the info I could on it that night. I even found myself led to this site's page on it.

I couldn't dig up any more than a description until I watched MatthewPatrick13's Game Theory episode. The most interesting and educational one to me on this subject. But looking at the title of the game made me remember something. I swear I played it before!

I still love gaming and all but none of the real side effects applied to me... until now. I found out that when I was 2, I had a seizure. I think I had heard of games before but I when we got our PS2 I finally played a lot of the arcade classics on Namco's 20th Anniversary Collection. At least that's what I THINK it was called.

Polybius might've been the cause of that seizure.. and my parents and I were both forced to forget it and I forgot the whole thing but my Mom and Dad remember it as my medicine being faulty.

If the medicine story is true, then oh well.. but if Sinneslochen or the CIA brainwashed us... That might be something to key up today.

So, all conspiracy theories aside, there are victims of brainwashing, and some still have forgotten, but some can remember.

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