Part I: IntroductionEdit

My name is Danny.

Remember that really tripping fearful game Polybius? It was completely nightmare-ish! It has paralyzing effects that hypnotizes you and will give you nightmares! The author of the game was truly by Sinneslöschen. The game was discovered in 1981 and there was a PC port made in 2007, purely strange. Luckily, that the cabinet was gone after some time in the old years.

However today, in summer 2013, there's a sequel named Polybius II, with the same company Sinneslöschen that has been made. I refused to play this sequel, as this game is quitely similar to Polybius. Until then my friend send me this message: "Hey Danny, I found out Polybius II has being a very complicately different game which corporates with very diffferent levels and new features, I hope this will never paralyze you." I was really stunned, I decided to go home and check out this unsuprisingly sequel.


I searched on google for "Polybius 2", there was a link by just saying Polybius2.exe and the address was, the page just contained the image of the title screen of the game with the Sinneslöschen copyright of 2013, it was similar to the original Polybius title, but the in-game text font was Cosmic Alien, and also a download link in the address "" which can't be clicked, but needs to be written in the address bar.

After writing it in the address bar, the file size was 5 KB, why a game could have a tiny file size? Very strange... after the game finished downloading, I extracted it and I launched Polybius2.exe, the game started with a black screen in 5 seconds, after the black screen, comes the same title screen as shown from the screenshot, I don't know how  to play this game, so I pressed instructions and it fades to white, and then a black bloody text "GO PLAY THE GAME." appears for 1 second and goes back to the title screen, I hate this game, it doesn't give instructions! So I decided to play the game itself, here it begins...

Part II: The First Level - Stage 1Edit

The game started with saying "STAGE 1" in 3 seconds, then the game fades with a simple space shooting level, I was having fun destroying enemies coming, until then the hypnotizing effects appeared but no creepy sound effects happened, as I keep destroying enemies, a gigantic rocket came to crush the spaceship and then the huge explosion happens with a loud speaker-destroying sound, after the explosion another black screen with the same "STAGE 1" text, but after 2 seconds, "WAVE 2" fades in, I thought I had completed the first stage!

The 2nd wave of the 1st stage begins with a quite speaker-destroying sound with some black outlined clouds going fast, the enemies were also going fast and even the spaceship player itself! I didn't know  what was going on in this game, I look closer to a really creepy face in the background, I thought that it was the first boss in the game, but it wasn't!

It was a giant enemy which shoots giant lasers at the player, when I hit him he screamed in pain and gets angry, he kept shooting lasers at the spaceship and I kept shooting at him, but after lots of shots he became outraged and caused a final attack, then the 2nd wave ends. Man, that 2nd wave was thoughtfully weirder and scarier than the first! I might pause playing it, however it has a automatic save system that allows you to play at the point where you are.

One day later, I asked my friend to come playing with me in my PC, and I noticed that the file space was now 15,0 MB, due to a huge size of the save data, I launched the game and instead of the 5 second black screen there's a really creepy backdrop as seen in the Username: 666 video background from Nico Nico Video, and has the text "HAIL MY SON!!", then the title screen with a familiar change, the Sinneslöschen copyright was gone and it replaced with "YOU WILL NEVER BEAT THIS GAME!"! I loaded the game and there's a screen saying "STAGE 1 WAVE 3RD".

I'm just hoping that this wave will be the last wave of the stage and hopefully there will be the next stage. The stage just began with the same layout of the 2nd wave but with no terrifying face from the 2nd wave. The stage music wasn't silent, but it had the Genetic version of the Selection music from Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

There was a enemy which firstly combines into a fighter spaceship and it had a core where I have to hit it, the boss was hard to beat due to the BULLET HELL. While I kept hitting the core, the boss armor began to recover its life, making it impossible to beat, luckily when I was almost losing all lives, the boss armor refused to recover and it exploded, but not like the 1st wave. Thank God the 1st stage was beaten, the screen says:


Part III: The First IntermissionEdit

Now I am watching the intermission, which is completely scary to watch, the intermission is actually a level, but then here begins the "shock", a group of scary faces fly around the screen and there's a typewriting text:


Then slowly fades out and goes back to the title screen. God, this is really ridiculous, however there's a stage select appeared in the title, which lets you start the game in a stage you have been going. For now I'll stop playing this game, next time I'll write another story about the 2nd chapter.


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