Banjo Kazooie is one of the greatest games for the N64. I remember having this game when I was 8 or 9 years old. I always thought that the game was funny in some ways, but in other ways it was quite scary.

Now-a-days I spend my time researching the beta's for video games. I came across many such as Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine, but the most interesting seemed to be Project Dream.

Project Dream was what was supposed to be Banjo Kazooie but for SNES. After it was changed to Banjo Kazooie fans seemed to like it more. I thought that Project Dream would have been the coolest video game ever! I searched all over the internet for a ROM to download but nothing came up.

As I researched Project Dream more and more I found out that the main villain of the game would be Captain Blackeye. That name for some reason caught my attention. I couldn't see what this Captain Blackeye character looked like because there are only about two known images of the game both, only showing the main character which was a boy named Edison.

I Googled "Captain Blackeye" to see what exactly he is. As soon as I saw his face, I remembered. He was from Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie and that was how I had remembered him. I realized since Captain Blackeye was supposed to be in Project Dream, I should check out the actual game it's self to see if there were any other things used from Project Dream that are in Banjo Kazooie. I went to my basement to find the N64 with Banjo Kazooie.

I dug some cool things up like Mario Kart 64 and Gex. I finally found Banjo Kazooie which was hiding right under the N64 this whole time. 

I returned upstairs and set up my old N64. I blew the dust out of the cartridge and pushed it in. It took me a few tries to get it to start up but when it did, I was 100% ready. Although I could say I was nervous I guess I didn't really know.

The game began with the rare logo but instead of it squishing a bug and going to the intro, it was just a black screen that showed the logo for Rare with no music then simply skipped to the file select screen. I didn't notice this at the time and kept playing. The first file was with Banjo laying in bed. This file is from when I first got the game and I decided it was my best bet to continue on from there.

When I selected it, Banjo didn't even wake up. I was a little confused by this but I wasn't too concerned either. It began at a black screen for about 14 seconds with no audio except for the witch (Grunty) laughing for the 14 seconds.  After the black screen I appeared in Grunty's Lair entrance. I went with what I remembered and walked straight to Mumbo's Mountain. When I went there, I didn't see what I remembered.

Mumbo was standing in front of the level entrance sobbing in a corner sitting down. I interacted with him and Mumbo said, ``What was seen will never be unseen...`` The message kept repeating over and over. It didn't matter how many times I pressed A, he didn't stop.

That nervous feeling inside of me grew. I wasn't sure what to do but I reset the system to find out what the hell was happening. I thought that just maybe I was at a specific part in the game that I couldn't remember so I reset the system and tried playing again on the same file.  This time the game just automatically brought me to Grunty`s Lair once again. This time, her portrait that was hanging became something different. If I am correct I believe it was Captain Blackeye.


It shocked me to see this as it was never supposed to be here. I knew this for a fact and when I saw it, I had an uncomfortable feeling and I had to shut the N64 off. I was alone that night and couldn't fall asleep. i kept having these strange feelings about that painting. It seemed that there was some way the game sort of knew I wanted to research Project Dream. 

I went to bed trying not to think about anything Banjo Kazooie related. I watched TV to help me out but his face, it just couldn't stop showing up in my mind. I ended up sleeping that night but when I woke up,

I put the cartridge in the N64 once more. It started up normally for once. I actually began the game in Banjo`s house and started playing but also being very cautious at the same time. When I went outside, the audio cut off. A text box appeared with no head to show who is speaking and it said, ``Argh, you pesky bear. You will suffer for stealing me glory!`` The screen then quickly faded to black.

What I saw next... was horrifying, not even meant to be in a video game... The screen showed a forest like in the intro to the game. You could see the grass and trees. It was very quiet. The screen stayed there for a good 2 or 3 minutes while I was just watching. Then suddenly Banjo popped up, right in front of the camera. Screaming, his pupils were very tiny, I think he had gone insane. Kazooie came out of his backpack with no eyes what so ever. Banjo began flailing his arms around like he does for one of his attacks in the game.

Banjo stopped screaming. He approached the camera and whispered ,``It`s over, it`s all over.``

Banjo just started to bleed from the eyes and eventually just... died. The camera zoomed out for a while and then Grunty`s laughed repeated over, and over. 

I was in shock. I felt like passing out, puking even crying but somehow I managed to just sit still and stare down at Banjo. After around five minutes the screen went black. I took the game out, went to my room and stared at it... trembling in fear I had no Idea what to do.

I wrapped the game up in used bubble wrap and sold it on eBay. The buyer surely didn't know what they would get into. I felt a bit happy getting rid of it, but the fear kept over taking that happiness. I tried emailing Nintendo several times about this but they would just tell me I am insane or tell me they aren't involved with Banjo Kazooie...

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