I'm still trapped here. I can't get out. This place is scaring the living crap out of me. Help me please.

The Room

I was walking towards the champion of the Unova region. I sensed excitement as I walked up the stone stairs. I saw the place where the champion stays. I was pumped with adrenaline. I was close. I felt like I was going to win. But something unexpected happened. I saw the champion. But with N? I was curious at what I was seeing. I went up. Suddenly, the ground started shaking. I started hearing crashes outside the temple. An earthquake? No. It was much more. The crash ended up in the temple too. I nearly blacked out. I saw.. a stairway? N escaped fast. I followed him. Boy, that was a mistake. I saw dozens of stairways leading to a castle. I went in. I saw 6 sages before my eyes. I was finished. But who came to my rescue? Familiar faces came to my aid. It was the gym leaders! I escaped quickly with no haste! Stairways came my way and also rooms. The final room I went into... seemed to be childish, of no harm. But with a creepy sense.... like I needed to get out.... something in my body said "GET OUT!"

But my curiosity said "Investigate"

I should have listened to my instincts. It was a room, full of toys. No harm could be caused from that...right? Wrong. I was so wrong. Toys. Toys everywhere. But the most peculiar, was a basketball that had the name "Harmonia" written. I didn't know what to make of that. I investigated further. I found what appeared to be.. an item? A rare candy. Luck, I though. So I decided it was time to leave.


A voice... I heard a voice....

  • SLAM*

It sounded like a door. Impossible. There were no doors outside the room. I saw the "door". It looked like a shadowy platform truned up to block my path. After a few moments of trying to force it open, I gave up. What kind of mess have I gotten into? I tried again. In my attempt to slam it open, I heard the voice again.

There's no use...

"Who's voice could this be?" I said to myself not realizing how familiar it sounded. And then it came to me. That voice, belonged to... N? Why N? Could this be his childhood room? Where he used to play?

My childhood was deprived.... I didn't have a childhood.... I don't have anything...

"What do you want with me?" I asked. I got an answer.

To play, of course. That is why people come here. To play. Don't you understand why toys are here? To play.

"Wh...why me?" I ask. Again, a reply.

Because you are the one I've been wanting to play with.

"But why?"

Because YOU are the one I want to play with.

It had become clear to me that I should stop asking questions. Maybe I should play with him and he'll let me go. So, I did. It was quite disturbing how N played. Like he was reliving his deprived childhood. I couldn't help but feel sad for him. Though, I didn't see his physical form actually in the room. More like he was playing, but with his mind. Like he controlled everything that happened in that room.

"Well.... now that I've played with you... will you let me go...?" I asked with fear. His reply made me shudder with fear.

Let you go? Let YOU go? You are the one I've been wanting to play with. We will play... Forever.

His voice tone never seemed to change. It seemed like he always whispered. A... a purely innocent voice... Though, that was the only thing I would ever hear in my life. Years passed, and I'm still in this damned room. But, I've kind of grown to being here. What's not to like? He feeds me, and treats me like a king. No....He treats me like a pet. Like an animal. I have to escape..... But at the same time, I like it here.... It seems better than the dreaded world outside. No.... I HAVE to escape.... It's like parts of my mind are fighting. I don't know what to do. It seems that this room is so innocent, part of my brain likes it here. I might be losing my sanity.... I don't know. I don't know what to do either. I'm so confused. I can't stay here..... But then again the oustide world is not innocent... not innocent at all..... This room is the exact opposite. Purely innocent. That's what it is. Pure innocence....

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