Oh how very perfect for this to happen to me. I was hanging out with my best friend the other day when He told me about an "epic" game the other day and told me I should get it. When I responded that all I had on me was fifty cents, he handed me his copy and said he insisted that I should tried it. From the cover of it, I could tell it looked completely stupid and trust me, I wouldn't have tried to play it if the cover was ripped off. I watch a video series called Haunted Gaming, and in about everything he reads starts with either a creepy old man hell bent on getting rid of a cursed game for free, or they would start off with "as a child I loved this game and I needed money so I got a game copy with the cover ripped off for ten cents." I acted like a child and made sure that he was really the age he told me he was and not some hell bent old man. And I made sure the game cover was still there, and that I didn't go to Ebay for the game. Every time that BOTH things are there, every little thing is really messed up or in some way gore filled.

I am too scared I would have lost his friendship if I said no, otherwise I would have. I mean, really, this game looked retarded. Its name was "Quite the Game". I mean, come on, what kind of game creator would think a smart person would play a game that compliments its self inside its own title? That guy must be quite the retard. Anyway, I guess I am going to play it, my friend came over and he won't shut the hell up until I put it in.

He shooshed me! I started his game for him and he shooshed me. What a jackass. Anyway, I began the first level, and the graphics sucked. And the controls were INSANE to work. And all the enemies were poorly pixelated. Sheesh. "Hey this game looks like if a two year old made it". I said to my friend with a playful grin. "Well you look like a two year old to yourself", he said. Since it was a week end, we were off school and I spoke with my mother and talked her into letting us have a sleep over at my house. I honestly thought it wouldn't just be playing that horrible game.

I had to continue playing it because if I didn't, he threatened me he would leave since he was having no fun. I had all the new release games, and he wants to play this one? Why in the world did I let him sleep over at my house? I had already got far in the game earlier in the day . But I couldn't get past the final boss, I guess his bad graphics killed my character.

He killed me for the fifth time and I burst out laughing. "Oh my god its just so funny how this bad graphic filled boss can kill me so many times" I burst out hardly as my laughing got in my speech's way of getting out. "Why won't you just shut the hell up already?" My friend asked with an angry voice. I looked back to remark at his gay comment. But he was asleep.

"Oh its so horrible playing the game isn't it? Its graphics are so bad arent they? Its Quite the Game you know. Im sorry they must have wrongly spelled our title, its called Quiet the Game. We purposely made our graphics, our hardness,our controls all horrible so you would speak up. Now what if the game played you?" the game said. "Come on now, the game that listens isn't a game like this, its a Mario Kart game, isnt it?" I mocked at the game's tries at becoming T.G.T.L, a story Haunted Gaming told me about. The boss killed me again.

I looked down, there was a rip in my clothing, in the scratch was a bleeding scratch. "Is that all you have to offer? Alright then. When I beat you, I am going to break your disk, so you may never EVER work again," I said with too much intellect to be scared. It beat me again. Suddenly, it felt like I was on fire. I looked down at my arms, and there was a type of acid that ripped skin from bones in seconds, much like Doctor Who's Vastha Nerada.

I tried to keep my self from screaming once my skin began to bubble. A bubble popped and blood splashed all over my eyes, and I couldn't see a single thing at all. Why couldn't I have been smart and said no? Because I am a person who is too nice to be the one to say fuck off. Another bubble popped and I say graphics move barely on screen and I heard the song of character death.

Suddenly my fingers looked almost delicious. I bit upon their tips so much they were to flesh and bone, and it hurt worse than anything to keep playing. But I had to outsmart and defeat this boss. So I kept on going, not the brightest idea. He killed me again. Suddenly my legs felt itchy. So I used my bone finger tips to itch my legs.

My skin peeled off but it felt so itchy I couldn't stop. Then once my legs were in bits I began to play again, and lost again. Now my cheeks were itchy. I itched my cheeks into missing holes in my face, and my bone finger tips snapped off, leaving me to play the game with stumps of fingers. I got killed again without playing, and suddenly my teeth grinded my tongue until it fell off, out of my cheek holes. Of course I couldn't control anything in my body now.

I lost. Suddenly my heart beat raised by thousands of beats per second. Suddenly my stomach budged up, and my heart shot out. Then it all went black. I woke up in the game. I was the final boss and it appeared the last one had vanished. I watched as my friend woke up and talked to me. "You really cant beat that final boss. You learned the hard way like I did. I'm wearing some one else's skin right now over my body," he said as my body got up. Then I heard my mother scream in the other room for three hours. All of this over a Mario game?

Written by TheBoldWriter
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