I am a gamer on, and I kept hearing about this game called "Mr. Kitty Saves The World" At first, I thought it was just a random game, like "SOOPAH DOOPAH POOPAH", so I wasn't really interested in playing it. I was more into playing horror or story-like games. Then I saw it on the main page of Gamejolt, and judging by the image, I thought it was going to be a horror game.

I read the comments before I downloaded it, like I always do. I saw one guy post something like he was having disturbing nightmares that were getting more and more realistic each time, another saying don't play the game, and one that I found interesting. It was a game maker named Nik, and from what I know, he's kind of popular among GameJolt. He was saying that he accidentally downloaded it somehow, so he let it sit in his download folder. Then he said he felt like he was being watched by these... shadows, and that one morning he awoke with scratches on his arms. He lives alone. He left a link of the picture, so I clicked it. On his arm was scratched: "Play the game"

I felt uneasy, but I wasn't going to believe this bull crap. I left a comment saying something like "I don't want to play this, but yet I do" or something like that, my memory isn't well. I wanted to prove that Nik's comment was obviously fake. I don't know why I wanted to, but I'm weird like that sometimes. So I began downloading it, then when I was about to play it, I stopped it. Me, feeling badass and all, started posting comments like "Oh no, the shadows are gonna get me," I know, I was probably acting like a jackass, but I didn't care. My chest started feeling tight, like I was having a panic attack, but I do have them frequently so I thought nothing of it. At first.

The pain grew, and I started "Q.Qing" about it. It grew worse and worse by the minute. I decided to starting playing music, as it helps me forget about things such as pain. It helped, but only a little. As I started talking more and more with my friends on GameJolt, I forgot about my pain. Then I decided to leave, the chat was getting boring, and now the pain is back. Even at this moment, it still hurts. It moved down my left arm, and spreading to my lower abdomen.

It hurts so much even to just type. But I'm not going to back out of this just because I think it's being caused by the game; I mean, a game can't cause pain like this, right? I will be making updates to this, by the way. It might get my other Creepypasta a bit more publicity.

I tried taking a shower, to calm me down a bit, but it only got worse. The pain is now in my throat and head. It feels like the pain is choking me to death, and squeezing my brain to a pulp. But this'll be all for tonight, I'll try to update tomorrow whenever I can.



Sorry I haven't updated in a while, my internet was being a bitch. Anyways, nothing on the second day, nothing on the third day, but definitely something today.

The pains have returned, and they're worse. I'm not going to consider the possibility that the game is causing this, again, games cannot do this. I don't want to tell my family, they'll take me to the hospital. I hate hospitals. The smell of death and bleach, the stupid flower covered gowns that show your ass, and who knows, someone might have died in the bed you're lying in no less then a couple hours ago. And these pains might be nothing...

My head feels like it's being bashed in, and my chest so tight I can hardly breathe. I'm probably just Q.Qing on Creepypasta for no reason. Hell, I don't even know why I'm putting this on here, maybe I was thinking something "paranormal" might happen. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

I haven't been having odd dreams, or feel watch, I just feel drained. Like the life's been sucked out of me. I haven't been sleeping as much as I normally do, I just can't sleep for some reason. I can't explain it, really, it's confusing even for me. I just keep thinking of this, chickens (I think of them when there's silence. I have an extreme phobia of them, seriously, don't laugh), my book I'm working on, and other things that aren't very important.

I went to the mall today, and it was odd. It was like... everyone was staring at me. I know it sounds stupid, but it just seemed like that. I was dressed normally, I checked my teeth and hair, nothing out of the ordinary. I even saw one of my friends, let's just call her Mary, and I waved at her, she didn't even notice me. She was like... staring at nothing. The mall wasn't crowded and I was only about six feet away from her, there's no way she couldn't have seen me. It's just odd.

I don't know how long I'm going to keep updating this, maybe a week? Just to see if something interesting happens. I'm even thinking of maybe playing the game... see if anything peculiar happens, but not finish it. A friend of mine told me not to see the ending. I trust him, and I'm getting the bit more paranoid every time I search about this "Mr. Kitty Saves The World."

File:Mr kitty.jpg



Yesterday night when I was going to bed, my sister sound asleep next to me, odd things happened. I already had an unsettling feeling from the "Mr. Kitty Saves The World" research I've been doing, so maybe it was my imagination?

The door was slightly shut, and the small lamp outside the door was on just like always. I started hearing odd noises, like things being dropped, and footsteps. I tried listening to music to help me to sleep, but I started seeing shadows move outside the door. The only moving thing besides the shadows was my sister's cape hanging on the doorknob, as it swished slightly, it made me feel uncomfortable.

The headache returned, and this time it felt like my brain was bashing at the side of my skull, beckoning me to go somewhere safer. But it was two in the morning, I couldn't go anywhere, my parents would never believe me. I felt watched, and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn't sleep. As I probably already mentioned, I have problems with sleeping, and I have this medication that helps me sleep. I try to stop using it, because every time I do I feel weak and tired when I wake.

But I had to, I wanted it to stop. I wanted the nightmarish shadows gone. I ended up sleeping, hardly remembering a thing in that small space of time from when I took the medicine and from when I slept. I want to remember, but I have a strong feeling I don't.

My favorite Youtuber, MarkiplierGAME (Markiplier for short), played the game. I was a bit paranoid to watch it, but I did anyways. It was disturbing, and short. Most of it I could tell he edited, to play some dark humor, but I can't tell which things he edited and which he didn't. It's just... disturbing.

The pains have spread all through my body, and my legs feel like they have weights on them. My left wrist has a cut on it, and was bleeding this afternoon. I don't know what I did to cause it, I retraced all my steps, but couldn't figure out a thing. I do sleepwalk, that's how I get most of the bruises on my legs, but get a deep cut that spreads from my elbow to my hand?

That's near to impossible. When I sleepwalk, I never step a foot out of the door of my room, the door's always mostly closed. There's no object in my room that could POSSIBLY do this. Anything sharp is kept out of the room because of my sleepwalking, and my sister. I wouldn't want her getting hurt any time soon.

I can't take this pain, but I'm not going to play the game. Not after the video I watched. No, no, no, I will not. I'm never going any where near that game ever again, no one can make me. I see flashing lights outside, but no thunder. I don't want to go any where near them. No, no, no. I think I'm going to stop this update for today, I... I need to sleep.



I played the game.

I played the fucking game.

Just let the pain stop already... please...



Nevaeh was flipping through the channels, not really interested in what was on. She felt a little guilt for not talking to her friend lately, but it seemed like she relied on Nevaeh too much. She stopped on the news channel, and thought she might tune in to the world's problems for a while.

There was a picture of a very gory scene, and it looked like the person's guts were ripped and strewn all over the place. It nearly made her sick. "On the morning of the first, a body was found just outside our fine city. The investigators on the brutal scene said that through tests the person was identified as a female, but not much else can be recognized. When they did an autopsy it was shown that the slashes on the body is not caused by knives or glass, but investigators are saying claws of some sort. Updates on this story will be announced after this commercial break."

Nevaeh sat there in utter shock at the photo. Little of the girl's face was shown, but Nevaeh could recognize it. It was definitely Ha- A hand clasped over her mouth, and a clawed hand slit her throat before she could finish the thought.

All traces of the two young girls were somehow erased. No missing persons were filed for the girls. It was like they never existed. When the frail body of a young teenager was discovered, again, no one could identify her, nor find any evidence that she ever lived in society. Reporters suggested that they were hoboes, but no one could be sure about these girls' stories.

I have begun investigating the case, and went to the scene of the crime. There wasn't much left, but the girls were found in relatively the same area, an abandoned house in the cellar. On the third week I was getting tired of finding nothing, but then found a busted laptop. It still seemed to work. There was absolutely nothing on it, except for an .EXE file called "Mr. Kitty Saves The World" Today, I plan on checking it out. I believe it may have some form of clue as to who these girls were and who killed them.

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