A Mirror

Mirrors are a window into another dimension, another reality; it's just soundproof and unable to open. Mirrors show a dimension just like ours, its almost exactly identical. The dimension never does an incorrect action. The dimension is only a mirrored dimension of ours. The only thing that divides the two dimensions is a wall of glass. Breaking the glass will only shatter the protected portal to the dimension, making us see through it no more.

If we could only pass through the window, the portal, the person in the mirror, then would we be in the mirrored dimension, with our duplicate in ours. We will then notice that there is not much a difference, but the true reality of the mirrored world will be as happy as the one in the true world.

You also notice as when you look into the mirror, you are looking in the face of reality, the world of reality. Then you smile, due to your growing happiness, at the mirror of reality while your duplicate smiles at you back, accepting your confidence. Your happiness grows more and more; the truth comes to you and your life becomes fresher; your self-awareness accepts reality, your imagination grows.As this text ends, I will put these last words to let you know more about reality:

Reality is truth.

Truth is happiness.

Enjoy your happiness.

I bid you farewell.

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