My name's Jack. I was searching the Internet for some fun games, and I typed in "MMO", and found a game called "Realm of the Mad God".

I heard of it before, it was this game where you fight enemies and stuff like that and when you die you stay dead. The game was sourced from this gaming website called "Games", a bland title. I clicked it, and came to a very blank screen, with only "play", and "options".

I clicked play and was sent into a tutorial. I kept playing and finished the tutorial and went to what was called the "Nexus", which was basically the safe haven. I went into some realms, and some of them closed. One realm I saw was named "Don't", and it's portal was identical to a manor portal, which is dark and creepy. It's population was "0/1", unlike the 85 capacity of others. No one seemed to notice it or enter it, so I entered it.

It was identical to a usual Realm. Yet when I attacked a pirate, the easiest enemy, instead of disappearing into a little blotch of pixels, it was still alive. The thing is, in Realm, pirates die in one hit, no exceptions. I kept shooting it and it started to become bloody and dark. Eventually I killed it and it dropped a dungeon. When I walked over to see it's name, it AUTOMATICALLY sent me in. I caught a glimpse of the dungeon's title when entering, and it was named "warned you".

I was officially freaked out. I tried to close the page, yet strangely enough, the game itself, instead of my computer, said "we warned you", and when I tried to shut it off, it said "WE TOLD YOU". I decided that I should end this by killing the boss of the dungeon, named "Die". When I started walking to the boss room, my computer started static. As I approached the room, static and short intervals of odd lettering covered my screen. Then I got to the room, and my speakers began to whispered this:

"You have toyed with Oryx's minions for far too long. You all have murdered, sliced, and butchered for your loot. You are more greedy than heroic. You think you are brave? You are determined by the greed. You will die like we have all died."

Suddenly Die shot a beam at me, making my character paralyzed. Weirdest thing is, I couldn't move either. Then Die charged at me and shot 3 daggers that of 10 health each, armor piercing. My health went down, but I felt as daggers went through my shirt, and made me scream in agony.

Then Die fired one last blow of a great large dagger projectile and shot it, dealing approximately 666 damage, and my character fell to 1 health (My total health was 697), and I watched as my entrails were pulled out and as I hallucinated that of demonic things. Die was then killed by another character who then teleported to him.

I could only make out 2 letters of his name: Go.

I never played Realm again, and never will.

Yet still...

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