How many murderers have you walked past this year? How many have you scrolled past? I made you think, didn't I?

You may not know how many potential killers you have met or seen, whether they be in real life or over the internet, which makes your life seem safe. You probably shrug the thought off, stating, “It has nothing to do with me,” then moving on with your life. But follow the traditional saying, be careful who you talk to, who you meet, who you trust. It is true that you may someday meet a killer, and it is true they may shrug you off. But it is also true that they may write you down as their next target.

This is why you really shouldn't be reading this right now. At least, don’t make it known you read this. If your name is recorded, you are a target. I record every name of every person I have ever met, or have come in contact with. Your name, as soon as you place it here, will be recorded in my long list of names. 

Why am I recording names? I have a quota to keep. I may not be a killer, but it is my job to record the names of all potential victims and hand them in to him. Where do you think he comes up with all the people whom he kills? Whom he has his followers kill? They all come from me. Yes, he does some work, but with the seven billion people on earth, even the master needs help. I am here of service. 

I am not obvious, no. And this is why he trusts me with this job. Pass me on the streets and I will seem like the most normal person you will ever meet. But don’t tell me your name, for you will be written down and you will never know. Meet me on the internet, and you will never know who or what I am. I could be the most normal Internet acquaintance a person could ask for. You will never know my intentions. 

So why am I telling you this here, on this site? Simple. The best kept secret is the one you let loose to the whole world. Will you believe me? Probably not. You will just shrug me off like all the others, assuming this as a joke or a cute little fantasy, but I assure you it is not.

I am the Recorder, and I have a quota which I intend to keep. 

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