Alright, I've never written a creepypasta before, so bear with me. This is a recollection of me and my friend's DayZ experience, almost immediately after it happened. This is a link to the server if anyone here wants to investigate:

This is all factual.

The PastaEdit

I liked DayZ.

I really did.

But I can never play it again. Not after.. well, let me tell you the background story.

My friend and I (we will just call him Rex) were avid DayZ players and we both loved its scare factor, especially on the map called Namalsk. But, like most modest players, we despised scripers. And after the fourth death of the day by one, we quit our long time server in search of a new one.

So, I found us a server on Reddit and it sounded amazing. It was Namalsk. It was set to night time, and you only spawned with a military flashlight (which glows red). Rex and I joined this server and found ourselves spawned in relatively the same location. We noticed the map was dotted with columns of fire, which was not a normal thing for Namalsk.

We met up, and after a short walk, discovered a large truck called an Ural. We used the truck to go to a well known location on the map called Object A2. It was an old military bunker with a lot of loot, and was of extremely high value.

As we entered the area, we noticed cars, almost 6 of them, parked along the side of the road. Lights on. No drivers. We payed no mind, noting that it was odd, but no one else was on the server so we weren't worried about an ambush. We moved into the bunker walls, which had four stories.

We searched the first three floors as normal, scavenged some ammo here and there, light guns, nothing too valuable. Upon searching the fourth story, I started hearing this noise, an odd hissing sound, almost like static. It was persistent, yet always sounded just outside of our earshot. Naturally, we investigated the whole bunker again trying to find the sound. To our relief, the noise, whatever it was, wasn't coming from inside the bunker.

So Rex and I decided to leave the bunker, but now the noise was outside the bunker.

Closer than before.

We got back in our Ural, now curious of the sound, and listened. From our guesses of a few seconds, it was coming from a mountain overlooking the bunker.

As we trekked our way there, the sound grew louder until we discovered it was coming from the radio tower.

We could now tell what the sound was. From what I could tell it sounded like a DSL modem, except in static, with a longer, higher tone. The sound stopped as we entered the walls of the complex surrounding the radio tower, abruptly dropping off to a lower pitch, then sputtering to silence.

We got out of the Ural and hear a low growl.. a bloodsucker.

In itself, it was terrifying to encounter one. They were 8' tall creatures that were invisible until they were attacking you, and hit you for almost all of your health.

But something was different about the sound of this one. It sounded distorted like it was almost crying or moaning.

Rex and I, now in a panic, rushed into the small six room barracks nearby and grabbed ourselves a weapon each.

The sound started up again, now very loud.

As I turned to leave the room I was in, a bloodsucker spawned directly in front of me, blocking the door entrance.

He hit me, for a lot of blood, but I was still alive.

I shot him.

Rex shot him.

He dropped.

The sound stopped.

A few seconds passed.

Then a massive, pixelated roar ensued both of our ears and another bloodsucker appeared between us both.

He never attacked.

He just stared at us, the normal black eyes of a bloodsucker replaced with a glowing crimson.

We died instantly, the thing standing over both of our bodies.


The noise started again.

It just stared.

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