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My name is Destin, I recently moved out of my parents house and into a small apartment.

I was sorting out my things when I found a box with all my video game things in it, while setting up my consoles I hit the "Eject" button on all of them; Just to make sure nothing is in them.

Upon Hitting eject on my Wii, A game comes out, I grabbed it and looked at it.

"Red Steel 2"... One of my favorite games of all time, with most of my things out of their boxes and nothing else to do, I decided to play Red Steel 2.

I turned on my Wii and put Red Steel in, It read for a longer time than usual, I was right about to turn off the console when the game reads and I was able to start playing.

The game booted Normally... But when I press "A" on the title screen to get to the Main Menu, A bar came up with a spinning disc that said "Downloading new content".

I remember thinking "New content? Can the Wii even do that?", I remember just going with it and being happy to have new content.

What was the content anyways, and why I have I never heard about this? I had internet hooked up, but my computer was in need of repairs and my phone was left at my parents house, so I had no way of checking what the new content even was.

As I was puzzled with this, the bar goes away and says "Complete!", I said "I guess I'll figure out now."

Next to the "Challenge" option there was text that said "NEW!" next to it... So the content was a new challenge? I opened the challenge menu and there was a new mission titled "Bee Gerr".

"... Bee Gerr... Sure", What is a Bee Gerr? Was it a name of something historic? or an old revolver? Oh well.

The game went to a loading screen; With standard hints and stuff on it, But when it was finished loading, It dropped my into the Kusagari Temple, where you normally fight Shinjiro for the first time. But There was no HUD, I could not see how much ammo; Or shields I had, Assuming it was make it harder, I just walked down into the actually center of the temple...

What I saw was 4 or so Jackal's dancing around a fire, But they weren't dancing in their raider, Thief style, They were dancing in a care free, child like manner.

I slowly walked behind them and pulled out my pistol and fired at one of them; The gun fired but the "Out of ammo" sign came up, I hit one of them, but they Slowly turned around, And they just stared at me, They did not have any weapons on them, And the fire turned out to be the Main character's Sensei, "Jian".

The smoldering corpse was... Unusually realistic, And blood was spilled around where the body was. After About 10 seconds of the Jackals glaring at me, They slowly turned away and started saying something. Their voices were not like any I've heard in Red Steel, They sounded like Children, They were no sub-titles so I could not quite understand what they were saying, But it sounded like they were saying... "Bigger".

They all just kept saying "Biiigerrr... Biiigerrr...", This is when I started shaking in fear, They constantly said it in a droning manner while walking behind the pillars.

When they all got behind the pillars, They slide down in a sitting position... They just stayed there Saying that phrase over and over again.

Confused with that I was supposed to do, I opened the menu to check the objectives, The Objective just said "KILL THEM".

"...K-...Kill them?", I was confused and unsure if I was supposed to kill them or not, I exited the menu hoping I could just avoid them.

When I returned to the game, They were still just saying "Biiigerrr... Biiigerrr" Over and over, I started to really get freaked out, Looking behind my back in paranoia.

Then I heard stomping coming from somewhere, I looked at the Main Staircase and saw somebody coming down. He looked very... Strange... He looked like an elite Ninja, But with partially burned skin, While I was inspecting him and still hearing the words "Biiigerrr" being mumbled, The screen transitions into a character card.

It depicted a very tall person with burned skin skipping in a flower field with 2 Women, One teenage girl riding on his shoulders with a flower in hand, The other girl seemed to be the mother of the younger girl, And admiring the lovely site, Then what I can only assume his name appears "BEE GERR".

The game transitions out of the card and into a fight, The HUD displayed that I had 1 bullet for all of my guns. He did not have his trademark spear on him but he had... What seem to be hammering nails sticking out of the tips of his fingers; And he was dripping blood from his hand.

I pulled out my double-barrel shotgun and take a shot at him, That killed him. At first I laughed Because I was expecting a hard fight, But then I remembered the card I just saw... was that his family?

The 4 Jackal's STILL grumbling his name, slowly walked to his corps and kneel next to it... Just staring at it, It was now that I Noticed Jian's body was missing, Just the Jackal's Kneeling next to the body of Bee Gerr.

This sight stayed on my screen for an uncomfortably long time, But for some reason I could not cope what I just did, As soon as I was right about to walk up and put the Mumbling Jackal's out of their misery, A sub-title appears on the bottom of the screen reading "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"... The second I read this, A ear piercing screech blasts out my the speakers, Causing my to close my eyes and cover my ears.

As I Look up with a very scared, Frightened look, I see a Regular elite Ninja over the body of Bee Gerr. But Before The body just died in a regular fashion, No blood... But now the body is covered with blood; and his head no longer there.

The ninja was... Crying over his body, His voice was a very deep and cartoony, But he sounded very... Broken.

"-Sob- Why would you do this?!?... He had a wife and child!"

"-Sob- He was my only friend... -Sniff- He always had a smile on his face... But it's gone now; BECAUSE OF YOU!"

I felt broken, Heartless, Evil.

I said "I don't want to hear him talk anymore... I can't listen to him anymore... STOP SAYING HIS NAME!" I walked behind the elite and did the stab finish on him, the animation played, But the sword just stayed in his back.

With blood poring from where I stabbed him, He slowly Stood up He turned around and... His face... Normally all the enemy's have masks on, But this one did not, I saw his face, He looked... horrible, His eyes were very big and wide, His tear filled eyes just stared at me.

At this point, I was scared shit-less, I couldn't stand it anymore, I was going to turn off the console. As I held the power button, The "X"'ed out home bottom notification came up, the ninja scream "NO!", It was so loud it caused me to jump.

I looked over at the screen and the elite ninja grabbed my character and screamed at him, "YOU AREN'T LEAVING!", I closed my eyes out of fear and denial when he said this.

When I opened them I saw Bee Gerrs dead corps still on the ground, But engulfed in a black flame, and the jackals were Walking towards me with weapons in their hands.

Scared out of my mind With tears rolling down my face, I picked up the controller to just try and end... What ever was happening.

I did "The Eagle" on a target with normally launches them into the air, But this time... i-it just... Chopped off his arm, blood splattered ever where, And he screaming in pain.

The other Jackals were saying "OH GOD! HIS ARM!", then I slashed him... Finishing him off.

"HE WAS MY FRIEND! YOU HORRIBLE PERSON!", I just wanted them to shut up... I couldn't stand it anymore. I killed another one with them still yelling at me to stop, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!", I dove forward and turned off the console.

I Looked at the screen, and I saw the "Hero" of the game peering at me, with what appeared to be "Bee Gerr" stabbed in the face with the heroes sword, the sword was up-right, so his back was broken.

I stared at the screen for a second and then screamed "...JUST STOP!", "JUST STOP! JUST STOP! JUST STOP!", Bee Gerr's corpse was mocking me with the "Hero" still staring at me.

I stared at the screen, Crying and panicking, Then the heroes eye began to bulge... Then they popped out of his head.

Then he drew his pistol to the side of his head, and said, "May the world forget you ever lived", pulling the trigger, Sounding a gun-shot, Turning the screen black.

I can't barely sleep at night, I can't go to work, I need to be huddled corner of a room to feel safe and I can barely eat.

I can still hear his name being mumbled when I try to sleep "Beeeee Gerrrrr... Beeeee Gerrrr...".

If anybody is out there who knows anything about this, please help me...

I just want them to shut up, I just want silence.

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