Red Wing AvenueEdit

I have recently purchased Grand Theft Auto 4 from the Xbox Live Arcade. Mostly because my friend wouldn't leave me alone until I got it, claiming it would be loads of fun. Anyway, a few days after I got it, I began to notice strange things happening. Such as, I would always spawn on Red Wing Avenue, even though I hadn't unlocked that area yet. Even in multiplayer, me and my friend would always spawn on Red Wing Avenue. Single player was fairly normal, but multiplayer was where the peculiar happenings mostly occurred.

Last night, me and my friend, well, I guess I should give you his name. Me and Tyler were playing multiplayer just messing around and having loads of fun just as he predicted. But then, we decided to venture into the power plant that's on Red Wing Ave. It was normal at first, but then there were cars in the street with no drivers in them. Just... Sitting there, like they had been abandoned. Naturally, I stole one of them, and went to go pick up Tyler to show him the abandoned automobiles. Oddly enough, when we got there, they had all despawned. I brushed it off and decided to go explore more of the power plant.

We had discovered a stairway that wasn't there when we first entered. I had volunteered to journey up it. It was glitchy and very hard to climb, but when I finally reached the top, there were 3 unidentifiable silhouettes that were forming a triangle. I approached them slowly, and when I touched one of them they caught on fire and started laughing histaricly and jumped over the edge of the platform, killing themselves. When I told Tyler, he suggested that we leave this area, I couldn't agree more.

We began to run out of the power plant, but just as we had reached the exit, we... Caught on fire and my speakers blasted that dammed "Hehehhehehehe" laughter. That's when I decided to shut my Xbox off and go to bed.

Entry 2Edit

I had a nightmare last night. It was about those dreaded silhouettes, they were killing me. Tearing my limbs off and eating them. When I had woke up an 2:00 AM, I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.

I asked Tyler to play the game with me. He hesitantly agreed. So, we spawned on Red Wing Ave, like always, and when we went to the road with the abandoned cars, they were there, but the second we looked away, the cars had despawned. And we, well, I began to hear I loud tapping sound coming from the warehouse. Like someone, or something, was trying to get my attention. It worked, and I found myself frantically looking for an entrance to it, but there was none. Where ever I went, I would hear it. It was beyond annoying.

We found a way to escape the power plant, and Red Wing Avenue. We discovered that there was a boat that spawned on the dock. So we got into it, and surely enough, it worked. But there were no people in the city. Not a single soul. Except for the airport... There was a major traffic jam at the airport. Almost like everyone was leaving the city. All of a sudden, I had lost control of my character, and Tyler's Xbox had gotten the Red Ring of Death. My character was running way faster than normal, back to Red Wing Avenue. I was now all alone...

When I got back to the power plant, I had regained control of my character. I was so tense. I was scared. And somehow, I felt that the game knew this. I decided to do a little more exploration before I went off to bed. I found another silhouette, he was just standing under a street light. I walked up to him slowly, and he said in a deep auto-tuned voice "GET. OUT." I immediately turned off my Xbox and sat at my computer all night researching my experience.

Entry 3Edit

Tyler refused to play the game now. So it was up to me to find out what all of this means.

Without Tyler playing, it wasn't to much fun anymore, so I had decided to delete the game from my library. But when I agreed to delete it I got a message from a user called "NeverDream" saying "You can't..." No matter how many times I tried to delete the game, it wouldn't work...

Entry 4Edit

Okay... This has gone too far... When I went out on the porch to get my newspaper, there were an arrangement of dead flowers and a note saying "Join us..."

And, when ever I turn on my Xbox, there's just one option: "Play GTA 4"

I... Have decided to play the game one... Final... Time...

When I played it, I didn't spawn at Red Wing Avenue. I spawned in Roman's apartment like a normal game would. I was relived thinking that everything was going back to normal, but oh no. I was horribly wrong. When I walked outside of the apartment, the sky was red. The clouds were black. There was a horrible static noise. and everyone was running around like a maniac. Killing each other, driving into walls, and they all had dark... Crimsion eyes. Almost like they're eyes had been ripped out leaving bloody sockets.

I couldn't turn the Xbox off. I couldn't exit the game. Even when I pulled the plug out, it still played this apocalyptic atrocity... There was nothing I could do. I had to run all the way to Red Wing Avenue.

As I got closer, the people got darker, the clouds got redder, and I was on fire, screaming. But it wasn't taking heath away. There were a bunch of charred, burning corpses lying in the street. This was truly Hell.

When I finally got to the power plant, I got another message from "NeverDream" saying "Resistance is futile. Just give in." Then my Xbox and television turned off.

Entry 5Edit

I can't seem to find out who this "NeverDream" person is. When I search him on, it says "No users found"

Also, my GTA 4 game is now gone, and my Xbox won't even start up. I don't know what all of this means, but I don't want to investigate further because i don't want to discover something that I'm not suppose to. The mind can only handle so much before it slips into insanity. And right now, I'm on the verge of insanity...

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