Based on, and influenced by I Hate M.Rossi, by Diablogtr1987. All credit to him, as well as me.

In 2002, I bought a game called "Ridge Racer", and I got addicted to playing it. Now, at 16, I have re-discovered and have replayed the original at countless times. I Also had a copy of Type 4, but I sold it. I went to the Local Friday Market and someone was selling it. He sold it to me, nonetheless, it just said R4, in BIC Marker (We don't have Sharpie).

I played as RT Solvalou, and I completed the game. I liked the story of Giuliano Gilbert's death and how it affected Yamaki and Enki Gilbert, his father, Suddenly, the game said A Special Challenger Appears, 1986. I was immediately in the place of Yamaki, driving the 13th Racing car. another Solvalou appeared, and I crashed into it. It said on the windscreen G. Gilbert. It went into a cut-scene.

The car spun off the track and rolled several times. Then I saw Giuliano's bloodied face, with some muscle exposed. The car then exploded, as Giuliano's face melted into bloody pieces. I went to the bathroom next to my room to vomit, and then, another more horrifying cutscene appeared. It was Yamaki, sobbing at a table, with a stabbed wrist. He mumbled I cannot believe it, it's my fault, my fault that my teammate died and blew up. Giuliano, i'm sorry, he said, He got a gun, placed it near his head, and blew it off with brain matter coming out. I vomited, and tried to play R4 but it said "Save Data 01 YAMAKI is corrupt". It said this when I tried to put Rage Racer, Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution in.

Then, I got a DVD in the mail. I watched it. It was the screen from Ridge Racer on the Jumbotron, but it was an announcer, the same one from the original Ridge Racer, but in a depressed voice, like Murray Walker when Senna died in F1 in 1994.

He said: "Sad time Ridge City, Giuliano Gilbert died after his car crashed and burst into flames after Shinji Yamaki crashed into him, with the Unlucky number 13. The Motorsports Festival is cancelled, and instead we will hold a memorial for our lost hero".

Millions of people who gathered to face the screen were sobbing, and were upset. Then it cut to his funeral. As The Hearse passed in front of millions of people who were mourning, Yamaki, Reiko Nagase (The Girl at the beginning of every race), Robert Christman, and Enki were carrying Giuliano's Coffin. It said: Giuliano Gilbert, 1956-1986. He was only 31 when he died, which was sad.

It cut to the minister, who said, "Let the casualty of this tragedy rest in peace with God and his people, no matter how we are killed, be it dying of illness or old age or a crash like this, we will always be equal, in deaths eyes", which I knew from the movie Final Destination 3.

But this was in Ridge City, not McKinnely. Luckily, no one similar to Ian appeared to question the minister, after this, it said in red: ''Yamaki's heart is devoured by the devil, his number 13 will always embrace with him, he does not deserve to live". After that, I turned it off, went to bed, and then I had a nightmare.

When I woke up, it was Sabbath on Saturday. Mom said it was for a special reason. I Went on my own, and to my own horror. Giuliano Gilbert's Funeral was being held. He was a Real person who died the same way his uncle, also called Giuliano, died the same way. I threw up on the floor. I decided to go to Pagham, the new capital of the motor industry, and live a new life.

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