Ah, Roblox. The website where it shows misleading game titles, and copied games from other famous Robloxians. Okay, so let's cut to the chase. Strong and Addictive games? Yes. Online Daters? Yeah, I seen ton. Supernatural Places that delete accounts somehow? Definitely.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who noticed, but the game "Afterlife" has the most visits, while the other games are completely empty. Afterlife was in the Horror section, which made it obvious that this was TOTALLY not a Delete-your-account-game!

I invited a bunch of friends, 12 to be exact. I had decided to experiment with Afterlife, and to find the creator. Now, what made me freaked out, was that the name of the creator was "Robloxian999." More accounts were being erased from existence, and we decided to find out how.

A 14-player max server, with the infamous creator in it was found, and it was just big enough for all of us. We played afterlife, and there was just a black screen. Suddenly, I heard something speaking from the speakers. A conversation played out like this.

???: Welcome, took the bait...


???: I am Robloxian999...Not of this world...

Me: What is your game?

???: We will play..."Infection Tag."

Suddenly, we were all placed to a private server. The game appeared to be a giant arena with cover, and we all started out with a simple sword. Robloxian999 spawned, and he pulled out some sort of Green-ified version of the Midas Glove.

???: Here are the rules. You run from me, but it won't matter how far you go.

Me: What happens if we are caught?

???: Didn't you ever play "Freeze Tag?"

???: Well...My version?

Me: You're sick...

???: I thank you, but now LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Robloxian999 had the walkspeed of 20, not that bad. However, there was a bigger threat. There were sticky traps all over the arena, and all we had were swords. This twisted game lasted for 6 minutes, before one of us got caught.

???: There were 13...until one was "tagged" from existence...

One of the players' names went black, and the name just...vanished, along with the character himself. I heard psychopathic laughing from my speakers, and I shouted: "What have you done?!"

Robloxian999's character appeared to grin, and he responded with: "I exterminated him...he lost round 1...Round 2 begins now."

We were once again teleported, this time to a labyrinth that seemed to be filled with pop-ups, like the infamous Sonic.exe Pop-up, or something else creepier.

???: Welcome to round 2. We shall play something I like to call: Pac-man. You're the ghosts, and you have to run away. Think of it as Reversing! Haha!

Me: Stop this at once!

I heard the "Waka Waka..." and we took off running. I encountered at least 4 pop-ups. Giygas, Sonic.exe, a BEN drowned Photo, and a photo of a Deceased Mario.

???: There were 12...until one was "taken" by the pacman...

The same thing happened, like the first time. Another name vanished, leaving only 11 of us left. It seems Robloxian999 wouldn't stop until we were "Exterminated" from existence. I heard that same creepy chuckle like last time, and I heard that damned voice.

???: Too Bad! Round 3 begins now!

Me: Wait!

Suddenly, before I could finish my next sentence, we were teleported to another place. It looked like my Roblox Party game, only with Skeletons and plastic blood everywhere.

???: Let's party...shall we? If you hit a red space, you'll just die right in front of me...

The game started, and I went first. I hit the dice block, and landed with a 9. I nearly hit a red space, and ended up on a blue space instead. The game went on for about 7 minutes, until the Robloxian999 character spoke again.

???: There were 11, but 2 met their demise from the Lava spaces...I forgot about the other earlier...oh well!

2 names vanished this time, minus 2 more, and 9 were left. It was obvious that he was trying to make this like the poem: "And then there were none." He screeched "Round 4," and we once again teleported. This game scared me shitless the most, due to the terrifying tone.

???: Let's play a game of tones. I can hear you if you scream. If you even scream within reality, I might as well punish your character! Let's get started!

The music started. Lavender Town came first, and it was the BETA version of the original song. None of us flinched, since we heard this before (But that's another story...). The 2nd soundtrack was The song of Unhealing, and Robloxian999 said: "Just scream you fucking idiots!"

This went on until the song "Giygas is Mortally wounded!" The music stopped suddenly, and Robloxian999 typed once again: "There were 9...but one got his ears raped..." Another name vanished, and we were stuck with just 8 left.

???: Time for some Mario Kart, wouldn't you say?

Me: Stop this at once!

???: Why should I listen to you?

Suddenly, we were taken to another place. A figure-8 racing track with 8 karts. 2 teams were present at this time: Racers, and Poet. "Poet? Is he a poet trying to get our accounts banished?" No time to answer that was given, as Robloxian999 shouted: "Let the games begin! The top 5 will survive!"

We hopped into randomly colored cars, and we started to drive 3 laps around the track. Some karts slipped up, while others just stalled for 3 seconds max, and started back up again. When 5 of us finished, the 3 losers were suddenly frozen.

???: There were 8...but 3 suffered a terrifying loss...of their lives.

3 more names vanished, leaving us with 5 more people left. I saw Robloxian999's character again, and he TP'd to me. He looked like he was proud of us 5, and he shaked our hands...somehow. Robloxian999 said: "Well played, you 5. Next event is the swordfighting tournament."

I wanted to murder him with the sword I got in the arena, but I felt like if I did, I would just kill our only way out of the madness place. Once again, we were teleported. I felt like this was the last place I would ever visit on ROBLOX, period.

The place appeared to be an exact copy of "Swordfighting Tournament," by TheGamer101. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) There were 2 teams, once again. Fighting for life, and Poet. I started to question this "Robloxian999," and he refused to respond.

2 players were up first. (We'll just refer to them as Billy and Maxwell.) Maxwell and Billy were thrown into the arena, and forced to fight to the death. It was a painful sight, and Maxwell performed some sort of Stab-in-the-chest animation, and when the blade was jabbed into Billy's chest, plastic blood shot from his chest and back, indicating that he was dead now. The character of Billy vanished, along with his name.

Round 2 was starting, and 2 more characters (We'll refer to them as Joel and Jose), were flung into the arena. Jose and Joel were very experienced swordfighters, so I thought the match might take longer than I thought. Joel did a lunging animation, which took a good chunk of health out of Jose's Health bar, and Jose counterattacked, dealing twice the damage, with Joel on the ropes. Then, they simply tied, both players being "exterminated."

???: Maxwell advances to Round 3 automatically, due to a tie...

Me: You're ruining lives, you fool!

???: How about you battle Maxwell to the death, and shut up you little shit?

I was flung into a golden arena with plastic-blood stains everywhere, along with Maxwell. I could somehow see the fear within Max's eyes. He didn't want to fight me, and neither did I want to fight him. This bastard named Robloxian999 seemed to grow impatient, and he simply said that he would flip a coin.

Me: Heads.

Max: Tails.

Robloxian999 flips the coin, and I am spared once again, being the last one left...

"Congratulations, Marioguy5733. You survived the longest. Allow me to take you to the final place," Robloxian999 said through my speakers. I was teleported for the last time, to a place. This place only had a Chair and Nunce as objects.

???: Step onto the chair, so we can finally end the game.

Me: And why should I do that?

???: You won! this is your prize. You get to be hung on the Platinum Nunce.

My character moved without my arrow keys, and he touched the chair. Suddenly, a screech exploded through the speakers, and scared the literal shit out of me. When the screech stopped, I heard a voice.

???: I. AM. GOD!

Robloxian999's name switched to Robloxian666. I knew something was off, due to the 9's looking like 6's. I saw an image flash up on the screen. My had been hung. suddenly, the character's head stared at me, and smiled.

???: I always win...Joshua, and I intend to keep it that way...

Suddenly, the Computer turned off, and didn't turn back on.


My first attempt at a proper Roblox creepypasta. Before you start raising some "Horseshit" signs, this is my "First Attempt." If you don't like it, then just leave it in the comments section.

Peace out!

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