Everyone has heard about roosters crowing when the sun comes up. No one really ever thinks much of it. People just figure that it is a natural habit, which of course it is but what kind? People don’t know why these birds crow. But what they don’t know most certainty will hurt them.

Roosters are very good at seeing what most cannot. Which is demons.

Roosters crow as a warning, an informal message. These birds crow to say that ‘they're leaving.’ Or that ‘they're coming.’ The first crow at the break of dawn says that the demon has gone, that the demon that the rooster attracts to come and kill you is gone. But if it doesn’t crow in the morning then that means the demon is still there, waiting to move its mangled body and crawl into your house. Just to find your bedroom and sit at the foot of your bed waiting for you to wake up.

Next time you hear a rooster crow you should wonder, what is it saying?

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