When I was younger I bought this game called Nintendogs + Cats. I bought my first dog, A female Great Dane named Mixie. She was my favorite, always.

The next day I woke up and quickly ran to see my beloved dog. This may be weird, but she seemed lonely. (I was young and thought pixels had feelings.) So I clicked the kennel. A very cute dog with adorable brown eyes practically begged for me to take her home. I repeated the name Sadie twice. I tapped on Mixie and rubbed her huge head. Sadie begged for me to pet her. She was always jealous of Mixie.

I understood Sadie's feelings. It was kind of like me and my sister. We competed for attention and I always lost because I was older. I began to grow really close to her since I had recently lost a dog named Sadie in real life. They were just alike. That's when I grew very close to my Sadie-Boo as I now called her. She was like an angel. Mixie seemed different. My hyper dog slept. And slept always. I thought nothing of this.

A few weeks later I turned on my game and Mixie didn't run to me like the dogs normally do. Only Sadie did. I gave her a quick pet and a biscuit.

That's when things got weird. I turned on my 3ds and a black screen appeared. Glitch, I thought. The music still wasn't playing. I shook my nintendo. "Stupid machine," I whispered. Just then, an inhumane wailing filled my ears. Cries of pain. Instead of showing the cute dog face, Sadie appeared. A grin spread across her bloody eyeless face. Her skinless face. She leaped over Mixie's bones, revealing an open belly with entrails slinging and blood dripping. "Sadie Wants To go For A Walk," a message said. I reached for the off button. "Could not be turned off," it read. Now I was scared. The nintendo died. I was so thankful.

I went to bed that evening. A very gory image of Sadie appeared. She had that creepy grin on. "Sadie Loves You," it said, then added: "Sadie Wants a Friend! FIND ME ONE."

So now I am stuck trying to find her a friend. I pray I will before she kills me.

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