The theory of Schrödinger's cat is the theory of a cat being locked in a bunker with poison with a half chance of being killed or not. 

We from the outside cannot see inside of the bunker and so we do not know if the cat is alive or dead. So we must guess if it is alive or dead.

We humans like to be right don't we? So we fight each other and in the worst case kill each other. Yet the cat must be in a half state in between life and death in our minds. 

The experiment will mean that the cat may or may not die and humans over disagreements will always die in violence. Everyday you think of death and everyday you think of the life.

In dilemmas we have of driving when it is snow or if we should we have that extra drink in our local pub or bar. All these decisions we are always deciding how high is the risk of death.

We are ruled by life and death by every second of which we live. Now back to the cat. The cat is before it is placed into the chamber in the control of people but when it is inside the chamber it is ruled by nothing but the two chances in a now state of purity.

Life and death. But is our universe the same situation as the cat's bunker with the  same chance of either being killed or surviving but who or what put the poison there and us in the bunker?

Well that would be him, lives in the back of your mind, lurking every corner of your house. He rules your dreams and your fear. The nightmares of which haunt you in bed are all because of his kind and cruel choices of life and death.

He is life and death and you are only equal to the cat.

PSM V46 D167 Outer surface of the human brain

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