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The Introduction - 31st of June 2010Edit

A man I once knew was called Braiden. He was a good guy before his sister got raped. And then he vowed revenge on everyone.

Everyone that assisted those low-lifes was his target. This isn't the scary part of this story. This is just the backstory, you see, I would never have touched his sister, ever.

I have a good reason too: she's my sister. Anyway, I was there the day they were doing it to her. I tried to stop them but they took her and drove off with her.

She was never heard of again. And guess who Braiden blamed for taking her away? Me. I know that we've had some difficulties in the past, me and her, but it wasn't me. He threatened to kill me if he ever saw me again.

The Scene - 7th of July 2010Edit

About three weeks later, as I was walking past his house to get back home, I saw a whole bunch of police cars and an ambulance outside his house. What appears to have happened was that Braiden must have found his sister dead and abducted the people who killed her and cut them up, pulling their veins out and tying them up to the ceiling. Having completed his revenge, he killed himself by slitting his own throat.

ShadowOasis and Braiden - 7th of July 2010Edit

Now that is the backstory of Braiden. But how is ShadowOasis connected to him? Now I have an xbox 360. My gamertag is Reclaimer137 if you want to add me. I knew Braiden had an xbox live account by the name of ShadowOasis. The odd thing about it was that when I got back home after passing his house, his gamertag was signed in and it sent me a video kinect invite. That was just crazy. I decided to accept because I was curious about what had happened earlier with the police.

His screen came up with a darkened room and the hanging limbs of his first victims. They slowly spun around eerily. I quickly turned off my xbox and let out a cry. That wasn't like Braiden. It couldn't have been. Two days later I summoned up the courage to turn it back on again. He was the only person online on my friends list at the time. He sent me a party invitation. I accepted and all that I could hear was a loud buzzing noise on his side. This is all that I can ever hear while I'm in his party.

The AftermathEdit

His gamertag has been reverted to silver and the electricity in his house has been cut off so it is almost impossible to see him. However, once every couple of weeks he comes back online. And all I ever hear from him is a loud buzzing sound and nothing else.


I am sorry if this story is not scary. I didn't know where else to put it. Ask me on xbox live and I will confirm that it is true. Hell, even ask ShadowOasis.

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