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I was once a boy at home working on my homework. I grew up on a farm in Georgia where the summer was hot and the winters were fierce and cold. I did a lot of farming, pulling cattle out of there fence and putting them into the barn, rounding up the chickens, feeding the horses.

It was a beautiful place to be during the summer. I then moved to the city where I would work in a tall building usually in offices. It was a good place to work, good money, people were very friendly.

Everything was great until I saw him. He was just standing there with a black suit and a white tie. I couldn't see his face that well and he never talked to any one. All he did was work and the boss never talked to him, he told me to stay away from him.

I had no idea why he had said that but I just listened to him and got back to work. He was very tall and skinny almost slender. I never talked to him of course because he was sort of odd. So one night my car had broke down and I had to walk home.

It was pitch black the moon was bright and the streets were very quiet. It was a warm night and the crickets were chirping and then suddenly I saw him just standing there out of random. I was a little creeped out and he came over to me. He was drenched in blood and he had no face what so ever. It was dark so I could barely see but the police were patrolling that night and they just came over and he was gone. They asked me why I was out so late and I told them my car had broke down. I asked for a ride and they drove me to my house. I had told them about that man in the black suit with the white tie, and no face. They had told me there was no one alive with that description. I then told them that my boss had said it, they walked away like I was completely insane. I was so confused but I just ignored it.

So I had walked inside my house and... there he was. He was just standing there, blood all over his body. I had ran out but he caught me. I only got out in time to write this whole story down, I am running out of time. So he had ripped my intestines out and he just put his fingers inside my body and twisted till I passed out. The paramedics came by and put me in the hospital and I run on full life support now. Every time I fall asleep in the hospital he wakes me up and when I see him; I see his suit covered in blood, faceless holding my intestines. I am scared for my life right now. I just need you to help me out of this I beg you.


Written by Shadowhaze

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